A Sentiment

God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Candle Wreath

Years ago, I was pregnant with my son John at Christmas time. I was trying to do some easy decorating for Christmas, A friend and I took a class at my Church and learned to make a wreath for the coffee table. We were to buy plastic fruit and greens picks by the next meeting. Our local Ben Franklin had lots of  really tacky plastic items. We were told to bring in lots of these to our next class. We were making other easy ornaments in this 3 session class....but the wreath turned out to be my favorite. Here we were, a class of women with all of our tacky, plastic stuff....spread out on the table. We were given instructions on what to do next. It was messy and had to be done at home. We were to dip each pick in a wood stain... and let them dry. I was wondering how I could do this without dripping all over the house. The next day found me outside dipping these picks in stain and clipping them to the clothesline. It was a breezy day and I was getting spattered with stain from head to toe. I wondered if they would dry and not be sticky. They did and what a difference...they were actually pretty. We were to bring a foam wreath  form... with a flat bottom that we had taped with green floral tape and our picks, to the next class. This was before people were using glue guns so we had to make a tiny hole with an awl and then shove the pick in cramming  them as close as possible.It seems like we dipped the picks in Elmer's Glue.The result was a very pretty candle wreath.....with antiqued picks of fruit and evergreens. I've used it on my coffee table for 45 yrs. Not a single pick has fallen out. I treasure this wreath...as it is one of the first crafty things that I ever did.I don't take special care when storing it....just wrap it in tissue and keep it in a bin with tree ornaments.

I love wreaths. There is something about the shape of a wreath...the circle.....it means infinity, and eternity...the circle means love like the wedding ring. When painting a wedding plaque...I would paint a circle of flowers around the edge...a wreath sort of shape.When my son married Karen, she had two little girls. I made floral wreaths for head pieces for them. I would put little wreaths on the doors of all the little houses I painted. Wreaths would show up on fence posts in paintings. I've made pine cone wreaths and while working in a gift shop....I made so many floral wreaths. My job at Church includes  decorating the doors with wreaths.I found barbed wire fencing in my woods...and I fashioned wreaths out of this...to hang on a couple of trees.  One of my favorite scarves is my infinity scarf.

Today is overcast and the weather doesn't sound good for the next few days. I'm glad that I don't have Christmas things to do now. Yesterday, after lunch at Olive Garden, I went to Michael's and Kohl's. The parking was difficult and the shopping was a test of patience. Everyone had heard about the weather...and I think that this makes people crazy...especially if they have Christmas shopping yet to do. Sales, clerks forever straightening displays... messed up by customers..... all led to a shopping trip that I hoped would soon be over. I got back in my car and bid the stores goodbye for 2013.Do you know....I just realized that I never saw any Christmas decorations...there must have been some, but I didn't notice.



Judy said...

I truly love the wee Hedgehog--is there a pattern available for him? One of my grandsons has a "real" Hedgehog for a pet--he might like the knitted one too and I want one, just for me. I don't even have a round wreath, except the lighted one on the porch. My sister has them at every window, inside, hung with golden wired ribbon, so pretty.I was at Michael's the other day--long, long line!!!

debra @ HOMESPUN said...

Your wreath is just lovely, Balisha and I am sorry but I had to laugh picturing you years ago being spattered by stain ...:)

My son told me to get him some flannel shirts for Xmas from Kohls. I went in the other day and walked right back out. Not standing in line for 1/2 hour, nope. He'll get a gift card :)

I have been wrapping gifts this morning...almost all of them are his for his fiancee as he had them stored here. Next I'll do the kids gifts etc but I had to quit for awhile. Maybe I'll do the rest tomorrow. The weather here is breezy and mild. Unfortunately so far they say that pouring down rain will arrive tomorrow. This puts me in no mood to clean for Christmas as it'll be all muddy and tracked up by the dogs. Ugh.

I always host Christmas here and some years I wish it was elsewhere, lol!