A Sentiment

God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Little House....a continuation

I am continuing my post about the little house here today. As you must know, I have a vivid imagination. I love to take a drive and see beautiful homes and imagine how they are decorated inside. This is one thing that keeps me blogging...being able to take a peak inside your homes. I've gone on Christmas house walks in towns where I have lived. They are many times more elaborate than I like.My tastes are very simple. I tend to be attracted to smaller houses that have a cozy look. I sometimes wish that I had the courage to walk up to the front door and ask if I could come in and look at the inside. Don't you wish that sometimes? One time, while driving to an antique show, a friend and I saw a renovated barn. They worked on that barn for over a year...and it was finally finished. The family had moved in and it had just been landscaped. It was beautiful and looked so "country" I mentioned, as we drove by, that I would love to see the inside. My friend said, "I was in it a week ago." She surprised me with that...she went on to say that she had been driving by and curiosity just got the best of her and she walked up and asked for a tour. She said that the owner was so proud of the house, that she took her in and showed her around.Well, I was so surprised...I could never have the nerve to do that....so I will just have to keep imagining.
I mentioned house walks earlier...I'll tell a funny thing that happened on a house walk one time. We were in this house, in a subdivision, it was a two story house. We looked around on the first floor and then went to the stairs and started up to the second floor. The first door on the right was ajar and we proceeded to open the door. There was a man in the bathtub. It took us by surprise, but then we saw that it was a joke. He had a plastic shower cap on and the tub was filled with fake bubbles. There he was with a smile on his face, in his shower cap, scrubbing his back with a brush. Talk about almost giving someone a heart attack! We all laughed, including him and then continued on the tour. Everytime I see a house walk advertised, I think of this.
I mentioned in the post about enjoying a cup of tea with a slice of lemon studded with a clove. I learned this from a garden club member. She served a plate with lemon slices...each with a whole clove in it. She just pushed the clove into the slice and put them on a pretty plate. This gives the tea a little taste of clove with the lemon and it looks so pretty on the plate. I don't use sugar in my tea, but a little bowl with sugar lumps served along side is a nice touch.I have this lemon with hot tea, but in the picture above (from the internet) you can see that it looks pretty on a glass of iced tea too.
Today is bright and shiny outside. We have an icky task ahead of us. Today we clean the grill and put it away for the winter. That and cleaning up a couple of garden spots is all that we have left to do for winter. It was 27 deg. this morning and everything was frosty. The grass has stopped growing and the trees are getting bare. It's time to start doing cozy things indoors. I started knitting a scarf the other day, I got my Thanksgiving books out to reread, (tomorrow I'll tell you what I'm reading) the storm window is progressing with touches from my paintbrush, the recipe books are out, my Mom's recipe cards will be enjoyed again, and we are ready for what Mother Nature sends our way. Hope she's kind this year :)


Barbee' said...

I wouldn't ask for a tour, either, but I did knock on someone's door one time and asked who put on their wonderful wooden shake roof. I wanted one on my house. Turned out, her husband did the job himself. No wonder it was so well done.

Jean said...

Good Morning Balisha....We still have leaves but my Japanese maple is now bare from the rain and winds. Mentioning the man in the tub reminds me of a visit to a eating place close to the dam in Kentucky which has a guy in the bathtub too. It will certainly give you a shock if you don't know he is there! Everybody who knows likes to see those go in who don't know!

Lona said...

I would have often loved to have the nerve to ask for a tour of someones home. LOL!
Too timid.
I hope Mother Nature is kind to us this winter too.Have a wonderful and creative weekend.

Sue said...

The leaves will be all gone soon here, as well. Fall didn't last long enough for me! Too much rain and not enough color.
Every time the husband's sisters go back to their hometown, they knock on the door of their old home. The current owners always oblige. I'm afraid I wouldn't be so accommodating. LOL My house is not always neat and tidy for visitors.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I have had people in the past ask for a tour of some of my homes.
Did not mind - sometimes :)
Thank you for the idea of lemon with cloves.
My yard is a blanket of leaves and also gutters
Will wait a few more days and will have to have someone help me.
Need to do some more cleaning on flower beds, straw in small veggie garden,Fall inside chores and getting ready for Thanksgiving..