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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Grouping My Houseplants

Maybe you remember a visit to Grandma's house, when you were young. It seems that some of our Grandma's (mine especially) had a knack for growing houseplants. There would be a Philodendrons trailing from the cabinet near the window, maybe a Wandering Jew and it's beautiful purple colors somewhere else, an old Geranium in a cracked clay pot on the window sill, a sweet potato vine on top of the fridge and some dried up cacti on a shelf. She might have had plants on all her window sills with coasters underneath to keep from damaging the wood. Little starts of other plants in a jar filled with water. Leaves of African Violets just starting. We've come a long way since then. Sometimes we group our plants all together now for a very attractive look. A focal point for our homes.
Grouping your plants together has a practical purpose as well: It makes it easier for you to care for your plants when they are all in one place. A grouping like this also gives you the option of adding a lighting feature to provide perfect growing conditions for your plants.Location, Location, Location. Different plants have different growing needs. Don't forget that plants are living things that have specific needs in order to thrive.... sunlight, filtered light, shade, moisture, fertilizing etc. If you're going to group your plants together you'll have more success if all the plants have the same light requirements.
I have a grouping of flowering plants in my dining room in front of a window. The window faces south...the front of the house with a porch in front of the window. I have great success with most plants here. I have an old black wire double shelf, that I found at an antique shop to use. There are blinds, so I can control the light. My little canary is near the plants...she likes the bright light too. Right now I have my Poinsettia, Clivia, African Violet, Paper whites, Amaryllis, a jar with a Hyacinth growing, and a couple of succulents. They all seem to like this location. When they stop blooming, they will go downstairs under the lights in the basement and I'll bring up the next blooming plants.
Speaking of Paperwhites....Mine are growing in a low dish filled with stones. I put water in and then a week later, when they started growing, I added a shot of gin. I have read that this stunts their growth, so they don't get too tall. I'll let you know if they keep growing taller. Right now...they are perfect. Yesterday, I smelled something in the house that I couldn't identify. My nose led me to these Paperwhites. I thought that I used to like their scent, but now...I'm not quite sure. I thought that I may have to take them downstairs early. Today the fragrance has lessened, so they get a reprieve and can stay upstairs.
I was wondering how you display your houseplants? I think that it would be fun to show how we decorate our homes with these treasures.


Sue said...

I have a similar plant holder in my kitchen. It holds about 6 small pots. I want to have a piece of glass cut for the bottom so I won't keep creating drips on the floor when I over water! LOL
Now if my paper whites would only start to bloom!
~ Sue

southernlady64 said...

Hi Balisha, I have mine scattered around the house. Two in my office on shelves, one in the kitchen on a corner table and one big one in the floor, three in the laundry room for the winter and one in a guest bedroom. All placed to get the light. I love the way yours are grouped and may move some of mine when I get a chance.
Well, guess what? I blew up the stove this morning! You are probably laughing. My son thought it was hilarious. The d-- thing is only 4 years old. I guess I cooked it to death! Bob is out looking for parts. lol. We will either fix it or I will get another one. I have to have the stove! That ought to make a good blog post when I get around to it. Hope you have a great weekend!

Balisha said...

I have the same problem, Sue. I should have a piece of glass cut for the lower shelf to catch drips.Have your paperwhites started growing at all?

Balisha said...

Judy...You cooking wonder you...That's a first for me.You'll have to wear a helmet to cook in. Balisha

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I remember Grandma having geraniums sitting in her kitchen widow. She also grew Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law- tongues.There was always Sweet Potato starts in the window too.
I love Paper Whites but I have to confess I cannot stand the fragrance. Have a great weekend!

p3chandan said...

I love your group of houseplants on the shelf there, they definitely brighten the house in your cold winter. I too have plants like the lucky bamboo and Chinese money plant in vases and cute recycle perfume bottles all over the house. They keep you connected to your outside garden.

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, you brought back many memories. My grandmother and mother were experts at growing African Violets. My grandmother even had a little greenhouse.
I have to have something growing in every room. A jade plant on my desk in my bedroom. In the kitchen on the chopblock are several plants. At present my new Orchid is at the end of my big table in the kitchen. A number of plants surviving in front of the window in garage. Will be happy when they can be moved to screen porch - when it warms up.
Thank you for this post :)

Balisha said...

My plants move all over the house. I like tidy plants, so if they start drooping...down to the basement. I guess I'm relentless. They seem to like the change to a cooler place for a "vacation." Have you ever seen such a short amaryllis?
This morning the paperwhites are starting to lop over, so the shot of gin theory isn't what it's cracked up to be. Balisha

Jack said...

Something I notice about your grouping is that all plants are readily accessible. This makes it easy for you to water, prune, trim and fertilize your houseplants. Easy care always adds to your enjoyment.