A Sentiment

God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Colors on My Mind

This is the little lamp that I bought last week. I hope to use it while doing close needlework in the living room. Our lighting is very poor in that room and sometimes a lamp will interfere with another person watching TV. I have a Ottlite makeup mirror as well and  a desk lamp here at my computer.So, I'll give it a try.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the Dr. office yesterday and found myself thinking about color. What has happened to color in our world? Everywhere I looked things were gray. It's a huge waiting room and the walls are varying shades of gray. The windows are bare of window treatments...no draperies or blinds. Just a big window looking out to the colors of fall. The carpet is a different shade of gray as well as the very uncomfortable chairs. Black tables are bare of the usual magazines. The girls at the reception desk are dressed in drab clothing and the doctor, flying in from the hospital...gray slacks and black coat. Visiting another Dr, office a couple of weeks ago...the same story. These are the offices of spine surgeons and a pain clinic. The only magazines at the pain center were about $ and sports.....and what's up with uncomfortable chairs at a doctor that specializes in spine, orathopedics  and pain ...when you have to wait so long. 

We have visited model homes in the past year and they follow this colorless trend too. All beige and browns. I notice so many people dress in only drab colors. A pretty family member wears only beige and black. She is almost lost in her clothes. Such a pretty girl needs color I think....but I wouldn't tell her.

Then I look at my own  home. It's full of color. Red is the accent color in many rooms. Maybe I'm old fashioned...I don't know. Maybe it's the artist in me...telling me to reach into that paintbox of color and throw caution to the wind and use it in  my decorating. I remember being a little girl just starting school for the new year. My favorite thing was getting that new box of crayola crayons and opening it up to reveal lots of colors. I couldn't wait to have that box of 64 crayons. Imagine 64 different colors to choose from. Then there was the Prang box of watercolors. There weren't enough colors for me...so I mixed my own. What a mess that paintbox was at the end of the year.

My first car was a pretty blue station wagon and the last car that I bought was bright red. My quilts that I made were usually quilts of many colors. I loved to look at my fabric all in a stack...according to colors. I felt rich, when I saw my stash....and I can't forget my yarn bin...full of colors. My closet...full of color.

I know that as the world turns...trends change too. Remember the 70's and those "earthy colors"? I used to think that it was the furniture and car companies that did this on purpose...and still do in some ways. In order to get people to spend money and buy more furniture and cars... the trends change and people have to conform and be with the crowd. So as long as the drab colors are "in" fashion inside the offices and homes...I will enjoy looking out  at God's colors... outside window to my world. .

We are just home from another Dr, This Dr. has an eggplant and lime green office waiting room with the admitting area in a rusty orange. Now, that is enough color for me. B.


Jan said...

I completely agree with you - it's far nicer to have colours that you love and enjoy in your life. Decorating trends are a nightmare! Jx

Sharon said...

I like to be surrounded by color, too. The doctors' offices you describe sound unwelcoming and uncomfortable. I hope Joe feels better soon ~ holding a good thought for him.

Melanie said...

I love color, too! Maybe the plan for doctor's offices is that they want the colors to be calm and soothing, but yet professional.

Judy said...

YES! YES! YES! I have mentioned this very same thing to friends. A neighbor has recently done her whole house in light grey, charcoal, black--my goodness, I would just die!! I need lots of sunshine coming in and nice light colors--blues and greens and burgandy and white ruffly curtains in the kitchen--white bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. To me, blues and greens are "earth's colors"--not mud and dirt and sand color. I have an Ott Light floor lamp beside my chair where I sit and do my needlepoint, read, watch TV. I think that nice light helps with the S.A.D. I get every January/February.

Judy said...

I forgot--I asked my orthopeadic surgeon why he had such low chairs in his office--us with knee and hip replacements need a higher chair to get up and out of!!!