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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Betty's Garden...A Little Piece of Heaven

Please click on these pictures for an even better look at Betty's Gardens.

I have so many pictures to show...maybe I'll make this a two parter. Yesterday morning, found me up the road at a friend's house. Betty is a very creative person...I love to talk to her and find that we are in sync..so to speak, on so many things. I think that she could do most anything if she set her mind to it. She lives in a house, back off the road a bit, in the wooded area of our development. She has a lot of shade and has adapted her gardening to it. I always wonder, when I drive by, what she is up to. Such an interesting person.She is out in the garden every day...hot or cold. She has so  many things going on....I wonder if her mind ever stops. To get on with my visit,  it was 91 yesterday morning and as soon as I got out of the car, I felt cooler. The front gardens are in dappled shade. A little garden sculpture is on the right...she fashions these out of concrete...and using a big leaf for a form. I noticed many plants with big leaves while visiting. A tiny babbling water feature is next to the sculpture. 

 There are shade flowers on both sides as the lawn leads me on a path to the back yard. Lilies were in abundance yesterday. Always generous, she offered me plants all along the way.
 I really wanted to get a picture of her...and this is what she allowed :) When you click on these pictures you will see the archway that she made out of metal. I believe it has copper in it...she uses copper a lot in her creations.I kept my eyes on the camera, but couldn't help looking from side to side at all the lovely plants.
 This is the beginning of the backyard. Decks at different levels afford a good view of the pond, bog and the woods beyond. This is a haven for birds and many of God's creatures. I was enjoying this so...it was hard taking pictures, when I wanted to study things more.
 We sat for a while, talking about plants and birds. It was never quiet in this yard. Birdsong filled the air...goldfinches, wrens, and so many others joined in. Betty and her husband, Bruce built the pond and the bog. I think that it looks so natural...you'd never know it was man made....or woman made as Betty does most of the work...calling on Bruce for the heavier tasks and other things that she needs help with. Right now they are placing big rocks that will make a pathway down to the woods.
 Here is a view from above. I look at it and know just how much work this was. Betty and Bruce placed each of these rocks around the bog. First of all imagine finding all these rocks, then bringing them home, carrying them from the front of the house to the back and finally placing them. I imagine a lot of moving the rocks around to get them just right.
 You can just start to see Betty's Koi fish. I asked her if she named them. She said, she used to, but when losing them...having names made it harder to bear...so now only a couple have names. A Heron has caused some problems lately. He loves to fish the pond and has eaten several. They put construction tape criss crossed on the water...to scare him away. So far it has been successful. She removed the tape for these pictures.
 Here are the Koi. They know Betty and come up to feed when she appears. The barrel that you see is a place for them to hide. Since the Heron has been coming...they are more skittish and go to the bottom when a stranger is around, but knowing Betty...they swim around feeling safe.
 Here is another picture across the pond. So many beautiful plants. She has planted for all seasons...something is always in bloom. Right now it's the lilies turn.
 This is out of place...it's what I saw when I came into the backyard. A hint of what was to come as I walked further on.
 This is the last picture I'll show today. Some more beauty across the pond. Her plants grow huge in this environment. It looks like everything beautiful is in the spotlight surrounded by green...that's the artist's hand at work.So many plants just pop with color....placed here and there for interest.

If you didn't know Betty, and were just driving down the road....you'd never know that this was in the backyard. Bruce and Betty have made a little bit of Heaven for themselves and their friends and neighbors. As I left she said, "You can come back...even if we aren't home." I think she could tell that I was enjoying this special place.


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Thanks for sharing - how beautiful to see a shady spot like this on a hot day :-)

Judy said...

WOW--a lot of work, but for some reason, when planning, building and maintaining a garden, it doesn't seem like work, does it? Just beautiful!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a wonderful garden. Rocks are heavy, even small ones, so I know moving these rocks was hard work. Very lovely spaces they have created and I thank you for sharing this garden here.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

such beauty
thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

How honored I am having a friend who not only appreciates my garden but takes pictures and the time posting them along with her oh, so nice comments! I knew the first time I met Balisha that we were kindred spirits. :) Her gardens aren't as hidden as mine so I've enjoyed watching her progress over the years as I take my daily walks. We are on so many of the "same pages", that's for sure! :) Betts says thanks!

Earlene Landis said...

Love Bettys gardens!

debra @ HOMESPUN said...

WOW I would want to go there every day, Balisha! It is amazing...such beauty there

Barbara said...

How lovely and I love the stones around the ponds. Helps the frogs and toads and tadpoles to get out.