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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Rest of My Vist to Betty's

 It's a hot day today and I am here in the computer room...with the ceiling fan above and the AC going. Just looking at these pictures makes me feel cooler.As I look out the window...the breeze is blowing in the the trees.It doesn't fool me...I know it's a hot breeze.  Our yard is starting to get scorched and the flowers are drooping a little. This is where it is better to have flowers in the ground...less watering than keeping containers watered.I water some of the flowers once a day, but it isn't enough on these 90+ days.I know that with some rain, they will bounce back quickly. I can't decide if it's better to water in the morning or in the evening? Better for myself that is. I enjoy being out early and I'm more tired by evening...so I guess morning wins. By evening there aren't as many people walking by...the early morning brings out the serious walkers.I enjoy a quick hello from many of them. 
Betty said that she has been having lots of mosquitoes. I encountered a couple, while there...and I think that her mosquitoes are bigger than mine are here at home :) Here's a little poem about mosquitoes.

"Mosquito is out"
It's the end of the day;
she's humming and hunting
her evening away.
Who knows why such hunger
arrives on such wings
at sundown? I guess
it's the nature of things."
-  N. M. Boedecker, Midsummer Night Itch 

Here are the rest of the pictures...enjoy! Balisha

 You can see how the color of the flowers in the pot mimic the cone flowers across the pond. Was this planned? Is that the eye of the artist working? I think so.
 There was some Cardinal Vine climbing up the stairway. She said that the hummingbirds love this vine.It trailed up the railing in a delicate manner...not like so many vines that are so full of leaves.It will bloom soon.I saw very few annuals in her yard. 
 Here is the Malva that she has to deadhead to keep it from spreading all over. She said that it was pretty big for that location, but that she liked the pink with the cone flowers in the background.I used to have a Malva plant in my former garden. A friend said it was a nice little bloomer. I didn't realize how huge it got and the flowers go to seed and then it's everywhere. A pretty addition for this yard, however. 
 Here you can see the pink Malva reflection in the water. Also the tree tops are reflected.
 Birdhouses are placed ever so often. How lucky the birds are to nest in this safe place.She's a quiet woman and they probably feel safe with her in the yard.
 This large house caught my eye...She said that she was trying to get a Barred Owl to nest there, but some Screech Owls moved in.She told of her concern for the fledglings trying to maneuver the pole. While telling about trying to get owls to live there, she just happened to say,"I built it"..I told you she can do anything.  
A fuzzy picture of a little goldfinch... eating seed from a homemade feeder hanging near the trees. Hummingbird feeders are in several places. Betty will call and let me know what birds are visiting her yard..."Have you had any Indigo Buntings...are the Orioles at your house yet...have you seen the Grosbeaks?" These are what our phone calls are about...also emails. She told a story about a baby squirrel that fell from it's nest and landed on the house roof. She worried so about it ...Bruce went into the woods and picked up a small downed tree...propped it against the house for the little squirrel to come down. She sent me videos of a mama deer with her fawn, drinking from the pond.She and I are both creature lovers, and we always have our eyes open to see the interesting things that they do. 
This brings an end to my visit with Betty. Can you tell...I love living down the road from her?


Margie's Musings said...

How beautiful, Balisha! You are so lucky to have such a friend!

Barbara said...

Lovely, especially the pond. 90f here and no air-conditioning. Forecast 95 next week. Had enough of it now. Sleeping is the hardest.

Anonymous said...

My oh my......more pics and kind words! Wasn't expecting more!! And what a memory Balisha has; I didn't realize I had jabbered so much the other day. I looked for Balisha when I walked this morning but it was a scorcher already and didn't really expect to see her. I feel blessed just knowing Balisha is there if I need her. I need to load a Flip video of a couple turkeys who took a drink in my bog this morning then wandered around catching bugs. Then Betts will head to the mosquito infested woods looking for a 2# container of fish food a 4-footed bandit made off with last night. Guess I won't be leaving it out after dark anymore!

Judy said...

I love both your gardens--reminds me of the massive ones I had when I lived in the country. Now...my space is small, which may be a good thing, as my capacity to care for the garden has diminished also. Beautiful pictures!!!