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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Can't This Camaraderie Continue?

Well...the inauguration has come and gone. Months of preparation made it one of the best I have seen. I decided to take the day off and watch all of the proceedings.....a marathon of sorts. I wasn't disappointed at all yesterday...from the President leaving the White House to the final event...the ball. I enjoyed every moment...the weather in DC was perfect for the inauguration.
 He and the first lady looked spectacular.
.The girls  so sweet and their good behavior  a testament to the values taught by their parents..
The music for the event was so breathtaking...the choir and  the soloists giving the wonderful old patriotic songs a new rendition...without spoiling them.They brought tears to my eyes.
The new poet, reciting a poem that everyone could understand, was perfect for the occasion.
Hearing the  reason for the Bibles used... was inspiring. The oath went without a hitch.....and then the speech. A powerful yet thoughtful speech that included all of us. One to make everyone who heard it...want to do more for the country and it's people. He included everyone in his heartfelt speech.
 His thoughtful look back at the scene behind him...knowing that this would be his last time to see it. Description of the luncheon was so appealing.for me with my bowl of pretzels.He went around the room...and shook every hand....forfeiting his meal.
 Leaving the lunch and finally starting the parade...the crowds nearly a million gathered to catch sight of the President and family. Taking the slow route to the reviewing stand...the breath taking moment when they stepped out of the car to walk. I held my breath.
Seeing our very charismatic Vice President (so youthful ) and his Jill, greeting fans on the sideline. He, shaking hands and giving hugs. No fears of someone in the crowd with evil plans. Back in the cars and I can breath again.
 The wonderful parade...with participants who had so much trouble getting there.Groups that I had never seen before. A grateful President and Vice President...standing...saluting....and being on their feet through the whole parade. They showed appreciation for the people parading by.
The greeting the Muskogee airmen, who were in the reviewing stand, was especially poignant for me.
Then the parade being over the balls were next.He greeted the military on skype and let them all introduce themselves. Then introducing his "date." Seeing the love in both of their faces was especially touching.
The mystery about who made the spectacular dress was answered....they made a handsome loving couple.
I wasn't disappointed yesterday,in the least. It all went without a hitch.....
 I looked at some of them shaking his hand yesterday...patting him on the back....giving them hugs...saying nice things....eating with him.....sharing a joke......and thought...Why can't this camaraderie continue on tomorrow?

Watching the media start picking apart the day yesterday got me to thinking....Wouldn't  it be nice if we could just forget the way we say...the first black president...or the gay poet?


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I too spent the day watching it all and hoping this would last into the days weeks months and years to come.
My word for 2013 is HOPE and I am holding tightly too it.

From the Kitchen said...

Balisha: You've left me with nothing to add! Our television was on all day--from early morning until after the last ball. Once again, we had two couples to dinner--a tradition started in 2008. We shared the same hopes and dreams of last time and had the same question: "Why can't this camaraderie continue". I've listened to no news yet today because I don't want to hear any criticisms, etc. to take the "shine" off yesterday. Not yet.


debra @ homespun said...

What a great recap to yesterdays events...I caught some of it on the Net yesterday when I could..

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You should have been a reporter for one of the networks. You did a great job. I wanted to see some of the musical performances. Thank goodness for the internet. I'm hoping to track down those later. Always love seeing what Michelle wears. Glad you had the time to sit and enjoy.

Margie's Musings said...

I misssd the entire thing and now I am sorry. I should have at least heard the president's speech. I understand it was spectacular.

Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

EXCELLENT recap! And I agree, why can't this continue!?! I was moved to tears on some parts! It was wonderful to watch and I am GLAD to be an American!


Friko said...

This is a wonderful post for me; you may know that the majority of European states is right behind President Obama.

I saw only snippets on the news, mainly parts of the speech, but you have made the whole day visible to me. I am glad it all went without a hitch and I wish America under Obama all the very best.

Balisha said...

I want to thank you for your comments on this post. I hesitate putting political things on my blog,and I realize that those who read may have opposing views...that makes it so interesting to me. We live in a country where we can put our views out there for everyone to see.
I did this recap of sorts, so I have it here for me to look back and remember the day.My blog is my journal of day to day happenings.

Sharon said...

You said it all. I have heard similar feelings from people in all age groups, which thrills me. I, too, thought it was the perfect day with the perfect tone for our country to go forward. The poet is from Maine, which makes us proud here.

I came for a visit by way of Ernestine's blog.