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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When Did I Become Vintage?

A couple of emails led me to write this post. I mentioned Esterbrook pens yesterday and a few people have never heard of them. I decided to write a little more about writing...so went on a quest to find a picture of my favorite, of all time, writing instrument. My search led me to EBay where I found that these pens are vintage. It seems that everything I used years ago is vintage today. I guess that makes me vintage too :) Every year my folks would give me money to buy a new notebook and a pen. I would stand at the counter at Mosiman's and look at all the pretty colors. Mr Mosiman would lay them all out in front of me. He knew me by then...I had been in several times before....just window shopping until I got my money. I would select one and put it with my school things for the first day of school. I couldn't find a picture of the notebook that was so popular. It was a 3 ring notebook, covered with a light blue denim like material. The cool thing about these notebooks was...you could write things on the cloth..autographs, boy friend's names, and other important stuff.Getting back to the pens...this is the little paper that was folded and put in each box.
I've had a love affair with crayons, colored pencils, colored chalk, pencils, and yes....pens. As one of my blogging friends who left a comment yesterday...I will search the house for the perfect pen.
Joe will get a new pen and before long it is missing. He will find it among the things on my desk :)
I should know better than to swipe a pen. My Esterbrook pens were often missing before the school year was over. They were coveted by many.

Now getting back to vintage...when do you become vintage? I guess that we who were in school during the 40's and 50's are about as vintage as you can get. Our era was the best. We people of the 40's and 50's are the salt of the earth. We are for the most part... kind, honorable, and honest.


Mitzi said...

I totally agree with you about vintage. We lived through a great era. I enjoy telling my Grandkids about memories I have from my childhood. They are amazed. I enjoy reading your blog.

Marydon said...

So reminds me of the mess we made with those ink pens, but we sure knew how to do beautiful penmanship with them.

Have a beautiful day ~

Balisha said...

Thanks for commenting, Mitzi. We must be around the same age . The kids don't know how wonderful it was back then.We were innocents and unspoiled.

Balisha said...

Hi Marydon,
I remember inky fingers too....but there's nothing like a fountain pen for beautiful penmanship.

Jan said...

I love the sense of occasion that comes with writing with a fountain pen. Somehow a computer keyboard never seems quite the same! Jx

acorn hollow said...

Well I am a bit younger than you but I remember the rules laid out by my parents. I did not use that kind of pen we had a ball point.
but I am feeling very vintage lately myself.

judemiller1 said...

Wasn't life wonderful back then? Our world just scares me now. I'm still particular about my pens. They have to be a certain brand and have a certain tip--micro fine. I thought Vintage came from the 20's and 30's? Now, to realize that I am Vintage, is kind of nice. Mellow and relaxed, like an old, soft, warm and comforting quilt?

Balisha said...

Hi Jan, Cathy, and Judy...Thanks for leaving a comment here. I like Judy's description of vintage...soft and comforting like a warm old quilt.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I am right there with you
Balisha. Fondly, Ernestine who decided in 3 score and 10 years to move to the woods...