A Sentiment

God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Stocking

Some of my Christmas memories come from the 1940's. My parents didn't have very much money at that time. Our Christmases were pretty sparse. One of my favorite things was my stocking. It was made of felt and had some felt figures glued on. I was an only child at that time...so there wasn't a name on it. We didn't have a fireplace, so my stocking hung on the closet door knob. I can remember waking up early and running in to see if Santa had come. My stocking was bulging. I knew that he had been there. I took my stocking into my bedroom and just sat there with it on my bed. I wouldn't have dreamed of opening it up. I wanted Mom and Dad to wake up so badly. I remember making noises, so they would awaken. When I heard them, I rushed into their room and showed them my sock. Mom would say that I had to wait for them to get up and get dressed. Then they had to make coffee and then we could proceed. It seemed that they took forever. Why did grownups need coffee anyway? My Dad worked nights and he always brought home the leftovers of a 5 lb box of Fannie Mae Candy that had been on his desk for the office workers to share. It was a treat for us...even if they were leftovers. I ate some candy....waiting for Mom and Dad. When we went into the living room...at last...I noticed an envelope on the tree. Dad always gave Mom his Christmas bonus and that was in the envelope.Those were the good years...some years there wasn't a bonus. At last I could open my sock. At the top was usually a stuffed animal, or a pair of mittens...something squishy. There was always a rolled up book in there. My favorite was one that you could paint with water...colors would magically appear when water was applied with a brush. Follow the dots was another favorite. A new toothbrush was next....I suppose that had to do with all the candy the stocking held. Maybe a little plastic puzzle where the ball bearing would scoot around and make points. One year...play makeup was found. As I went further into my sock I found nuts in shells....why Santa always gave me these I'll never know....and then hard Christmas candies...with no wrapping...stuck to the felt. I had to pick pieces of fuzzy felt off before I could eat them. They were all stuck together. The last thing in the toe would be an apple and an orange. I was thrilled with my haul...and really didn't need anything else, but there usually were some paper dolls and some clothes wrapped under the tree. I guess you could have called us poor, but I didn't know it. All my friends had the same kind of Christmas. Mom and Dad always made my Christmas special. I remember them watching me, but not opening very many gifts themselves. I think that's the way is has always been. Mom and Dad get so much joy out of giving gifts to their kids...they think of themselves last. As I sit here typing, I have a smile on my face. My Mom and Dad gave me a wonderful childhood with so many memories.


Barbee' said...

What a precious post!

Jan said...

Goodness - your post brought back loads of lovely memories for me too! Best Wishes for a lovely Christmas. Jx

judemiller1 said...

Just exactly like my childhood Christmas'. Sometimes I got a cherished and hard to find Tangerine in the toe of my sock.