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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joe's Fried Peppers

Well, here goes with no actual recipe.

He takes 5 or 6 green peppers and cleans out the insides.
Puts them in a pot of boiling water and softens them.
While they are cooking he browns a lb. of ground chuck with a couple of sliced onions and garlic....in olive oil. He uses quite a bit of olive oil. (that's why we only have it a couple of times a year)
When the peppers are softened he takes them out and cools them...then slices them in strips.
He then adds the strips to the already browned ground meat and onions. He seasons them with garlic salt, lots of ground black pepper, some Italian seasonings, and oregano...to taste.
He then covers it and cooks all this together for a while. It smells divine while cooking.
Before we eat it...one of us makes a mad dash for the store to get a loaf of Italian bread. And that's about it...It's very tasty and there isn't much left over :)
Some of these old recipes that are handed down from generation to generation are so simple and good....many with just a few ingredients. Joe had a huge garden a few years ago, and he always had tons of green peppers. He would use some of them and share the surplus with the neighbors like everyone else does. He can't eat very many green peppers today because of kidney stones. He can, however, eat red and yellow peppers. I wonder what the difference is?I made stuffed peppers a while back and used the red and yellow ones. They were very good...and a little sweeter than the green.
We went shopping at the "big store" yesterday and came home loaded down with groceries. You'd think that we had a huge family for all we bought. The big stores wear me out...no matter how I work it...I end up forgetting something and having to walk the whole store for it. Joe drives around in one of those little carts, while I dash here and there filling a big cart. I spend the most time in the produce section. My cart was filled, on the bottom, with fresh produce. Then to find a place for it all in our house. I think that there is a day coming that we won't be able to do a month's shopping at big stores. It is an all day job for us...picking the food out, packing the car, unpacking the car, hauling it in the house, putting it away. I always clean things, and package some, marry some like foods into one container, etc. Then we're pooped and ready to sit down.
This new way of eating...is more expensive. Joe picked out lots of frozen fish. Wow! The price tag on some of those items. We have Lent coming up and we are starting to lay in some food for that. Fish frys are just not healthy...and we can never find one that we both like. He likes fried...I like broiled or baked. I am going to try to make some tasty dishes for Lent and will post them here as I make them. We will fore go the fried and eat some broiled instead.
Well, the shopping excursion is over for the month and our house is full of food once again. I have chili mac cooking in the kitchen to take over to the Church a little later. We will eat light today. Tomorrow we are going to a dinner theater in the afternoon with friends. The musical is "Swing On A Star" an original Big Band Revue....something the four of us will enjoy.


Barbee' said...

Good thing you have that beautiful big new frig! That big once a month shopping trip wears us out, too.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Sounds very yummy to me. I love green peppers.

One Woman's Journey said...

This will be something I will make when the green peppers are abundant in my simple garden. A half pound of meat, peppers and onions and my special bread or corn bread sounds good.
I am trying to grocery shop every two weeks. I drink a gallon of milk a week and this is the only thing I run short of... Finally after years of cooking for a big family - think I am getting pretty good at making for one.
Then when there is company or family visits making big portions.

Anonymous said...

YUM, YUM, those fried peppers sound wonderful. I love peppers. I used to grow a lot of them, too. I have a story about peppers that this reminded me of. I will have to post it on my blog. You would not believe how I buy in bulk. I get flour in 25 lb. bags, chocolate chips in 5 lb. bags, 10 lbs of sugar at a time. I just noticed there is a link to all those things. I think it might be sweets!!!