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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Shining Stars...2010

What would you say is the star of your garden? A plant that comes through for you in all kinds of weather? A plant that isn't the least bit fussy. One that looks crisp and bright through drought and rain. That plant is my collection of hostas. I just know that I can depend on these beautiful plants when all others wither, droop, and succumb to heat exhaustion. This year their flowers were so pretty. I used to cut them off...when I first started gardening :(
I have several hostas across the back of the house. This year they have grown by leaps and bounds...filling in spaces that were empty in the spring. I have divided these plants to share with friends over and over.

The only thing that I do to them is to fertilize them early on and cut off the flowers and stems when they die back. The lawn mower hits a few bottom leaves and I just lop them off and the plant looks like it was supposed to be that way.

I must have 40 or so of these plants...all different varieties and shades of green. They never fail me. Some gardeners have problems with slugs, but I never have. Maybe it's the red mulch that is deep around them. Speaking of red mulch...I really didn't like it at first, but that first Spring, when the hostas started coming up...I saw how pretty the red blended with the spring greens...I was hooked.

Last year I found that if I left the hostas until late in the year...they were wilted and easier to remove. I could do it with a rake. I used to "sit" around the yard and use a knife or loppers and cut them all down. I'm going to try this waiting method with my Stellas this year. Anything to make gardening easier and thus more enjoyable is a "good thing" as MARTHA would say.
I got the idea for this post from Racquel at http://perennialgardener.wordpress.com/
Go check out her blog for the star of her garden.


Elenka said...

I clean up the hostas in the spring. Their leaves turn to dried nothings that you just pick up with your hands.
I'd love to see a panorama of your garden, must be lovely.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful pictures...

Rose said...

I agree that hostas are stars in the garden. The best part is that they stay green all summer. Yours look so lovely and healthy. I've never had a problem with slugs either, but this spring I had earwigs that put little holes in all of mine--I had polka-dotted leaves for awhile:)

Anonymous said...

I love hostas, too, and have more of them than anything because I only used to have shade. I had to move some of them out of the sun this year. I love your "dreamin" poem. Those catalogues make me want to order NOW! Have a good week.

Balisha said...

it seems that whereever we live the hosta is becoming a favorite with everyone. Crisp, leaves....smooth or crinkled...bright green or dark green. They go with everything. My garden wouldn't be complete without them. Balisha

Zoey said...

Ah, I do love hostas, but I am one of the people who has slug problems. Right now the leaves on most of them are full of holes.

My shining star is Sedum Autumn Joy. It requires very little care and always looks good. I love the light green color against the darker green of yews.

I still cut the flowers off many of my hostas. Some are just so messy that I cut them off as soon as they appear.

Racquel said...

I just saw that you linked to my post today. ;) Thanks for the link love. Good choice, they are a star in my shade beds too, that and variegated Solomon's Seal.