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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Different Kind of Easter

Today is the Monday after Easter. Yesterday was just a simple Easter for us. We went to Mass early...I was feeling better, but kept worrying about having a "coughing fit" in Church. While sitting there I heard many people coughing. The week before, Father blessed the sick and the aisle was filled with sick people. I guess this "thing" is going around. Our weather was partly sunny and a bit windy. We came home and ate a light breakfast and just spent the time talking to the kids till it was time to go to dinner. We ate dinner at a restaurant later in the day. Just the two of us. We didn't have the traditional Easter meal. I had Surf and Turf. It was so yummy. I found myself eating so fast...so I slowed down and enjoyed this treat. We took a drive through Bishop Lane's Retreat on the way home and coming down the road toward our house...I saw a house with lots of cars parked out front. It reminded me of Easter's past, when we would have the whole family over for dinner. Those days are few and far between now, as we grow older. I thought we would be like the Brady Bunch, when we got married, and had this new blended family. We all got together a couple of times, but now everyone pretty much goes their own way. The all have new in-laws, grandparents, brothers and sisters to be with. My cold has been really bad and I had many plans for the past week. Things to do for our Church, a birthday, and celebrating the Holy Days. I felt so disappointed when each day arrived and I couldn't participate. Yesterday, I was reminded of all that I missed. Today, I have changed my attitude. This is life...enjoy it, Balisha, while you are still able. I had brain surgery just a short time ago and that experience made me believe that we never know what is going on in our bodies. Easter gives us a new beginning....a new lease on life. Our beautiful natural world is waking up to the warm sun. So today, I opened the windows and started cleaning the house. Vacuuming and dusting...shaking out the rugs. Getting the house ready to be neglected once again, while I go out and enjoy gardening. Easter is just one day out of the year. There are 364 more days to get it right. I'm going to shake these "after Easter blues"...like I just did with the bedroom rugs.I would hope to have the serenity that I need to love my life as it is, to find peace in all it's twists and turns.


Amber Star said...

We went to our son's home for Easter dinner. We had a lovely time and like you I thought of all the great times we used to have being all together. Now all the kids are scattered out all over Texas. So the big dinners when they are here are sweeter for it.

We all have terrible allergies from the pollen that is so terrible after the wet winter we had. While I was watching the kids look for Easter eggs I saw a great cloud of pollen that looked like yellow smoke fly as they ran.

Gram said...

I hope you are feeling better. I too like to spring clean after Easter preparing for the summer when I do the least possible housework so I can be outside.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wiser words were never spoken, Balisha. I feel the same way.
My Easter was very different from yours but like you Howard and I have divided families. I usually go to mine and he goes to his on Easter and other holidays. This year his son, his wife and two children didn't do anything I guess because Howard was not invited. So..he went with me to my family. As you know, I have a huge family...and it was truely fun. However I felt bad for him and missed the three of my children and their families that were not there.
As you said, I had dreams that at this time of my life we would all be together on the holidays...and it has not turned out like that.
Second families don't seem to be as welcoming of a late life step mother..and visions of any likeness to the Brady Bunch have long vanished...even an older Brady Bunch.
It was nice though. Today..I am doing next to nothing. I did lots of cooking and fixing to take to the dinner at daughters home so today is relax day.
This second (in my case) third marriage has been a strain. A bad strain on both of us. What a price to pay for not being alone in these later years.
Perhaps I will open my windows and let fresh air blow through here also. :)
My love to you, Balisha!

One Woman's Journey said...

Part of my children and grandchildren came to my new home in the woods. It was a wonderful time but not like in the past. But much is not like we remember in the past. In the past there would be 3 times as many. The terrible allergies have struck me and I can hardly see. Hope it is over soon. Like you I am Spring cleaning. Putting up winter clothes and my heart is outside in the garden. Take Care!!

Lynn said...

As you said this was a different Easter, it was for us too. Everyone going in different directions and Toms mom in the nursing home now. No small children to hunt eggs and we have no grandchildren yet. My parents came over ate and left, I think everyone wanted to be outside on that beautiful day.
I cleaned the first of the week so I could be outside, we were on spring break last week and the temps were in the 80's most of the week. So what got done got done and that was it! Outside I went...Rainy days are meant for cleaning anyway...I'm glad you are feeling a ittle better, this sunshine will help so Enjoy It!!!

garden girl said...

Hope you're feeling better Balisha.

I can definitely relate to the challenges of navigating the holidays with a blended family.

Our Easter was different this year too - my husband had to work both Saturday and Sunday - he was out of here before first light, and didn't get back home until after 8:00 because of a big project.

I thought I'd be here by myself, but then my youngest daughter and my grandson surprised me and came over, and she cooked a delicious vegetarian meal for us. It was a different kind of Easter, but special in its own way.

Sue said...

Balisha, Sometimes our expectations just do not pan out and we don't always understand why. I guess we should just deal w/it and live each day as it comes. You are right when you say that Easter was just another day and that we have many more days to deal with whatever else is going on in our lives. I wish you all good things, my friends.
hugs, Sue

Anonymous said...

Good for you Balisha! Shake out those blues and enjoy this spring weather. It is supposed to be 85 here today. I am loving it! I had TW on Saturday and Sunday. We really enjoyed him. We hid eggs, and the Easter bunny came to see him here and he got to play in his sandbox. It was a good weekend. Now, I am working on my yard!

Balisha said...

I'm so glad that everyone had a nice Easter. We all have to accept changes in our lives (our kids as well as us) and holidays do change when we get older. Most of us had big gatherings and hosted the parties in our homes. When it is time for us to give up the reins (so to speak) it's a hard thing to do. To be perfectly honest...it would be very hard for me to host a big gathering anymore...so I guess I have to accept these changes the best way I can.Our Easter was very nice and I feel much better this morning and I'm ready to get outside...now if the rain would only stop.