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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Walk in My Yard and a Turkey in the Oven

I just put a turkey in the oven...yum, leftovers the rest of the week. It takes time to get a turkey in the oven and serve it then clean up, but it tastes so good, low in fat, and the leftovers. I really like the meal the 2nd day best, because I am more relaxed and done with the work.
Before I did the turkey, I took a walk. Here are some pictures from my yard this snowy morning. A little crabapple tree in the woods has these 4 little apples hanging on for dear life. I wonder why they are left? This is an old iron lawn ornament that I use as a backdrop for a statue. I have taken a picture from the front before, but the snow is on the back today.

The reason that Joe didn't want me to clean up the woods was the fact that there were barbed wire fences lying in the tall weeds. I just took the barbed wire and twisted it into wreath shapes and hung them in the woods. I like them. This one will have some grapevines twisting around it in the summer. In the fall, I just take the vines off...because I like to watch how they twist and partially cover the wreath each year. It's different every year.

Speaking of grapevines...how's this for a grapevine? It must be very old. I love it just as it is all gnarled and twisted. A little birdhouse in the clematis vine. It was home to a wren last year. I wonder who will take up residence this year? I think they like it because the vine covers it a bit in the summer. I work out in that area a lot and those little stinkers just chatter and scold me endlessly. I can't wait for their return.

I can smell the turkey roasting...we'll have mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, corn, cranberry relish, a relish tray, squash, and those wonderful slices of turkey. Come on over...dinner's at 3.

PS: Noelle at http://www.azplantlady.com/ has an idea. She thought we could post a picture of a bouquet from our yards each month. I think that it's a great idea. It will really be a challenge for we gardeners in the North..to come up with something creative during the winter. Why don't you go over and read her post today to find out more about it?


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Turky! Oh how lovely! And to have it and not be in a bit of rush to get it all done and ready for guests...just knowing there are turky sandwiches to be be had and all sorts of turkey dishes just waiting! Sound wonderful, Balisha.
I can almost hear the longing in your voice for Spring and green things...and it's on it's way.
I feel more and more fortunate to have flowers out there blooming..and things in a riot of color!
Reading your post makes me appreciate what I have..but honestly I am a tiny bit jealous of your beautiful snow! I am in love with white... and of course your blog!
So...now can I have some of your turkey?? Hmmmm?
Mona :)

Noelle said...

Hello Balisha,

I love the idea of using barbed wire to train plants on. I may need to try that. I enjoyed going on a walk with you and seeing your snowy landscape. Thank you very much for mentioning me on your blog. I don't think I will have a certain day of the month to post it, but will mention it monthly when I create my bouquet. I can't wait to see yours later this spring :^)

Anonymous said...

25 more days! I'm ready! Turkey sounds so good. I get tired of it at Thanksgiving but could eat it again now. I love dressing. That is one of my favorite things. I enjoyed the tour in the snow. Love the barbed wire that will have vines growing on it. A great idea and will make some great photos. I am getting my grandson today for 2 days and 2 nights. His mom had surgery for some female problems yesterday. She is doing well but cannot lift anything and he doesn't understand that. I am looking forward to it but know he will run me ragged. lol. I may try him on making peanut butter cookies. He loves peanut butter.

Balisha said...

Hi Ladies,
The turkey was good.
I know that spring is on the way. Someone told Joe that he heard robins yesterday.
I'm putting my bouquet in my post today.
Judy..Have fun with that little guy today. Just let the house go and enjoy him.

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, have not visited in a while. The winter is getting to me.
I loved the idea of the barb wire.
I have a fence row that needs pulling up. It may be so old that it may break.
Oh - I can smell your dinner. Just not even in the mood to cook.
Your walk was inspiring.
Blessings to you this wintry day in Tennessee