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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Missing Scrabble Game

Scrabble has always been a popular game in my family. (I know that I have posted about this before, but this will be different.) We played Scrabble, when we were first married. Getting together with a Church group of friends for real tournaments and then playing with my brother-in-law and his wife. They lived in the apartment above us and would come down for a night of Scrabble playing during the winter. Popcorn and pop and the board game. My BIL would make me so mad...he would make up words and then fall on the floor laughing. The dictionary was always close at hand...when we played. He laughs about it today...not funny! The game went with us on our vacations. On days that we couldn't go out fishing...we would play. I think that we were all better spellers because of the game. A couple of years ago, I told my daughter that I thought we should get a new game. Her facial expression changed and she said, "Mom, the game won't be the same on a new board." So, I kept the old tattered board. Now she and I play Scrabble long distance. Internet Scrabble. We "pass the board" back and forth after making a new word. We are very serious players. Putting a comment on the message board after each play. Sometimes our messages can be encouraging (yea Mom...good game,) but most times we send each other "little barbs"..... Friendly "little barbs." This past weekend, when she was at her other home...we tried to play the game. It didn't work on her other computer. We tried and tried to play...installing a new game...reinstalling again. There was something missing this weekend. We have depended on this game to keep us in touch in a small way. A comment a day...somedays two. We both missed the daily contact. A phone call and we talked about missing the game. What was wrong? Did you reinstall? Darn I had a good score! I had the Q! Will it work when you are back in DC? The weekend just wasn't the same. I checked on and off all weekend. She traveled back to DC last night. I'll have to admit that I checked the game before I went to bed...to see if it was working. A little disappointed, when it wasn't on my screen. This morning first thing...I checked...there it was, just as we left it. It was my turn to play a word. What can you do with 4 E's and 3 I's?


Hence72 said...

Hi, pleased to meet you. nice blog

Margaret Cloud said...

This is a fun game, we played it a lot but it seemed to went by the way side. We still have it, guess I will set it up and see if I can entice some one to join me.

Amber Star said...

My cousin and I used to play Scrabulous, but they had to shut it down after the real Scrabble found out. It was some fun times. Which game do you use? We loved playing so much.

Barbee' said...

Never played it but it sounds fun. We enjoy crossword puzzles. Interesting post, Balisha, I didn't even know it could be played on the computer. I am so far out of the loop, HA!

Balisha said...

http://www.emailscrabble.net/ This is the game we use.
It's a fun game however you play it.

Welcome Hence72...thanks for reading and come again.

Sue said...

Hi Balisha, Have a moment to say hi to a few friends as I sit and wait for Mr. S to have a procedure done. He is doing okay, still figuring out some courses of action for the infection and the diabetes. it will be a long road to recovery for him. At least it has been a real wakeup call for him to watch his health more carefully! Will check in again as I can. thanks for everything!
xo Sue

Anonymous said...

I used to love to play scrabble but have not played it in years. We play gin rummy a lot and sometimes play monopoly. I enjoy games and anything else that gives my brain a workout!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Balisha. I KNEW if I missed a day I would miss something good, and I did.
As far as the letters are concerned, :( I'm sure you have already missed a turn and drawn new ones. I know, I know, but when you can't make a word you can't. I mean you can't make and ie because they won't take that. It means "as in" I think. Anyway.. :) I play Maven on the computer every single night almost. My first husband and I and our best friends used to play every night. They now live in Arkansas and I live in California and Patrick has passed away. Mick was Patricks best friend on earth and Nedra was my best friend. We all met in high school. I miss them. This post made me remember so much. My husband now won't play scrabble and my last sweet husband didn't either. Patrick loved it.
Until I die I won't be able to believe I have married THREE times!
It gives me an...odd feeling just thinking about it. It wasn't supposed to happen.