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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Three Birthdays and Getting Ready to Hibernate

It seems that we have a birthday every couple of weeks during the summer. Our two grandsons, Tyler and Brandon turned 14 this summer. It's fun to see the changes in the two of them. Both will be starting high school this year and have very different interests. Brandon is out for the golf team and Tyler is into music. It's going to be fun, watching them mature into adults. It all happens so fast. Before we know it they will be driving and off on their life adventure.

Tyler is in a group called The Jersey Kids. Here is the website...maybe you would like to hear what they sound like. http://www.thejerseykids.com/The_Jersey_Kids/Home.html

My oldest son, Tim, is having a birthday today. He's a great son and I have really enjoyed being his mom. Always a joker...he has played pranks and kept the house lively for all of his life.

He loves to tease his sister...they were a year apart in school and Tim teased her to death. He had an old mustang when he was in high school...I remember that he needed a muffler and used a soup can one time. There was never a dull moment around our house with Tim. Now that he's grown...he's always been a son that I could count on. Love you Tim.

Today is cloudy and rainy. I have lots to do in the house, so the outside will get a good soaking and tomorrow I can get in those flower beds and clean up to make ready for fall flowers. I have ordered some things 3 Japanese Anemones, some native flower seeds for the woods, a couple of Amaryllis bulbs, and some daffs. I am thinking ahead to winter, when I'll be in the house a lot.Every year I do the same things. I look through magazines and order a couple of new subscriptions...this year Country Gardens, Cooks Illustrated the country version, and Good Housekeeping. I probably will renew my Gardengate magazine as well. I go to the library each week and can get magazines there, but it is a simple pleasure for me ...to go to my mailbox on a snowy day, and have a magazine waiting for me. I look through magazines now and send for different catalogs to look through. (My mailman loves me.) I have the downstairs workroom ready and waiting for my houseplants that are outdoors for the summer. I am taking cuttings from my geraniums now, so that hopefully I will have new geraniums for the pots next year. I have started putting houseplants in new soil and cleaning them up...so they look nice and are happy.

We check the freezer and start adding things to it. Joe buys big portions of meat and he cuts them and wraps them.I start thinking about fruitcake and pumpkin things. A few years ago, I canned and put lots of things in the freezer. We could almost eat all winter..from what I had put up. I have stopped doing a lot of that.. and I know it might sound like we live in the North woods and will never get out, but this urge in the fall to save, takes over and I just go with it. So when you see the critters out hiding nuts and seeds, making burrows for hibernation, making cocoons, flying south...just think of us here in Northern Illinois...doing the same. I wonder if I would still have these urges if I lived in the south?



Lynn said...

I go back to school on Monday, way too soon. I'm gearing up for fall, I took all the sorry looking petunias off Miss Petunia! she is now Miss Cabbage Rose! LOL Planted and ready for fall. I grew 3 different kinds of ornimental cabbages and Kales. Two of them get 2 feet tall. They look interesting.. I planted the seeds the second week of July and they are doing great...

coolwaterworks said...

Happy birthday to your two wonderful grandkids... And it seems it is quite early to prepare for hibernation... Still, it's better to be always prepared...

Enjoy the rest of the days dear Balisha!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Balisha...you have no idea how much I love this blog...because everytime I come here...it feels ..right.
Getting ready for the winter...reminds me of when we lived up North and how we stocked up and Mom canned and canned all summer. I miss the taste of those wonderful canned peaches. Jars and jars lined the shelves in our celler. Old wooden step led down to a earthy smell and the sheves were dug right into the wall.
I can only imagine your wonderful basement with all it's plants happily growing away waiting for you to bring them out in Springtime.
You make me smile! :)
Hugs and love..

Balisha said...

Thanks for the nice comments Lynn and Mona. Mark...we are a long way from hibernating..but we have so much to do in this big yard.I don't really hibernate anyway...on nice days I'm out and about.