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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Day That Audra Came to Call and Newborns in Need Information

The Day That Audra Came to Call

A knock at the door and then the bell..
It wasn't hard for us to tell..
Who was knocking so very hard..
The child who lived across the yard.
She asked to come in and see us today..
I thought that she would want to play.
My knitting was sitting near the wall..
She spied a hat that was very small.
I showed them to her and gave her one..
I thought that she would have some fun,
And find a doll that it would fit..
She didn't have long to chat and sit.
She left us then and went on home..
Got to her house...went in alone.
Into her room she went so quick.
And back to our door, lickety split.
There was Miss Audra in a hat so fine..
Bringing a doggy wearing mine.

I make these little knitted caps for a charity called Newborns in Need. It gives me something to do that doesn't take much time. It's fun to use different colors and make them unusual. I like the fact that I can use up bits of yarn that would be tossed or put in a bin...never to be used again. When Audra came, I had just started making them again. I told her that they are made for tiny premature babies in the hospital. Each baby has one...they look so cute and keep them warm. She didn't ask for one...I just gave one to her. She couldn't find a doll, but a puppy to wear it. Here is the address for Newborns in Need. http://www.newbornsinneed.org/html/knit_patterns.html Maybe you would like to join in and make a few. Here's a pattern...remember this pattern is to be used for charity only.

Knitted hat
Use 4 ply washable yarn and size 6 needles. Cast on the appropriate number of stitches for the size you
want to knit. Rib in k1, p1 for 1". In stockinette, knit to the size needed.
CHILD SIZE: Cast on 74 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1)6" to 6.5" stockinette
Total length = 7" to 7.5"
FULL TERM: Cast on 66 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1) 5" to 5.5" stockinette
Total length = 6" to 6.5"
X-LARGE PREEMIE: cast on 58 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1)4.5" stockinette
Total length = 5" to 5.5"
LARGE PREEMIE: cast on 50 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1)3/5" to 4"
Total length = 4.5" to 5"
MEDIUM PREEMIE: cast on 44 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1)3" to 3.5" stockinette
Total length = 4" to 4.5"
SMALL PREEMIE: cast on 40 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1)2.5" to 3" stockinette
Total length = 3.5" to 4"
X-SMALL PREEMIE: cast on 36 stitches 1" ribbing (k1,p1) 2.5" stockinette
Total length = 3.5"
After knitting the piece to the approximate dimensions, draw all stitches together tightly at the top by
weaving yarn through all the stitches on the needle. Knot securely. Weave together the seam using yarn.
Optional: Make a pom pom or bow for the top.


OhioMom said...

How sweet of you, which does not surprise me in the least :)

Tolentreasures said...

What a worthwhile project. My daughter's baby actually had one of these hats when she was born a month early in May. I have been making adult hats for the Salvation Army, but may switch to these this fall. I use scraps and make the squares for Warm Up America also. They work up fast.
Thanks for sharing that!


Balisha said...

I have given them to my Church for a baby shower that the Knights of Columbus has every year for new moms. They are really fun to do. My husband collects duck figures...one time I put them on all the ducks heads...

Judy said...

What a great thing to do. I am afraid I am not a knitter. Your little neighbor girls is such a cutie in her hat! I bet she loves coming over to see what you are doing.

Balisha said...

She comes in most every day and if we are busy...I tell her she'll have to come back later...her feelings are never hurt...she says, "See you later alligator."