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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Tour Around My House on a Thursday Evening

This post was inspired by Mona's comment. She asked to see my house all the way around. Here it is. Maybe this is a good idea for others to do. We see bits and pieces of all our yards and maybe wonder where the flowers are placed in the different yards. Here is the front of our house. We live in a wooded development. Some of the houses are situated in the woods, while ours has woods at the back. My little driveway garden doesn't show too well, but it is on the right side of the front of the house. The lots are all close to an acre.
This is Mary's Garden. She is in the front of the house next to a huge River Birch. The trellis for my clematis vines is right behind her. The trellis used to be in mostly sun, but now the birch has grown so big, it is mostly shade there and the clematis is suffering.
We are going around the corner and this is the garden by the trellis. I have put odds and ends in this garden. My herbs are there along with some lilies, Russian sage, my tomato plant, hostas, violets, ajuga, daisies etc.

This is "Blue" If you have been reading this blog...I wrote about Blue last year. He was turning a purple color and losing needles. Look at him today! He is over his illness and feeling much better.
I am happy, as he is home for so many birds and a landing spot...near the feeders.

Here we are on the other side of the house. We have Birdnest Spruces and lilies. These lilies are full of buds...it will be pretty in a week.

Now we are in the back of the house. These stairs lead up to our deck. The lilac was almost a twig when I moved here 6 yrs. ago. The green chair is one of our resting spots. You'll soon see why we need a resting spot. Picture doesn't show it, but our yard slopes down toward the woods.

This is the little garden by the deck. Mostly daisies showing now, but maybe you can see other treasures there like Lady's mantle, hosta, purple sage etc.We sit on the green chair and look at this little garden.

Here is the back of the house. Hostas, sedums, lilies of the valley, a rhododendron, and columbine fill in this area.

Now you can see where Blue is in relation to the house. The post is where we hang bird feeders as well as on the deck. We just planted a clematis on the post trellis.

Now this is the last picture. Hopefully you can get an idea how far the woods is from the house. No shed, or place to keep garden tools back there. It was never bothered with, till I got here and now we don't feel like investing in a shed. So....when I garden back there, I haul everything in my lawn cart. I have to think carefully...What will I need? If I forget anything, I have to make that long trek up to the house and around to the garage. And forget I do. Hubby says it's keeping me young. I usually plan my attack and make a list and fill the cart. Bottle of water, camera, sometimes a radio along with tools... and off I go. It is my favorite spot in the yard. Why does it have to be so far?


OhioMom said...


Thanks you for the garden tour, my very favorite has to be Mary's Garden and I always enjoy your pics taken in the woods. I can imagine you sitting either in the back or front and admiring your beautiful gardens, your hard work is evident from every view.

mlc said...

I love it when people post photos of their entire garden. The close-ups are lovely..but I like to see the whole garden too. Your garden beds are very nice.

Lynn said...

I loved the tour.If I ever get things done around here so it looks as nice as yours I might do that too... Everything just looks beautifully manicured!!! Great Job. If it would quit raining we could mow today!!!

Barbee' said...

Balisha, everything looks so neat and tidy! Whew! You do get a lot of exercise. I really enjoyed the tour.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful property you have Balisha, I envy the amount of space you have. Your gardens are so neat & tidy and obviously well loved. :) Thanks for the tour!

Balisha said...

Thankyou for your comments. Maybe some others would like to do the same.
I would probably break up that big expanse of lawn with perennial borders if I was younger, but having the flowers close to the house is just right for me now.More trees would be nice too, but this is easy for my husband to mow.

Meadowview Thymes said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Balisha! I love all your beds, and love that tree! You have so many opportunities for flowers!
Thanks for sharing.. a good idea for a post.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Good evening Balisha...
Your home looks exactly how I pictured a home you would live in to look like. The quiet garden of Mary's...the little black bird on a stick and the little gnome. Your front porch is similar to my own..but much bigger I think. It is so cozy and warm and inviting. I love it. The tree with the peeling back..and the wind chimes. You feel like you can almost here them. I have them both front and back. I love them.
Where on earth did you get that HUGE goose. I thought it was real at first! I love him. I can see why you are sure that you have everything with you before you go to work out in the back. That is quite a distance to travel for a forgotten trowel. :)
I went to Home Depot with Howard to day and bought some wonderful things...for both the front and back. I will have to show the a picture of the pot I found for my lemon tree. I know I will have to get a larger one some day..but I think you will like it!
"Blue" looks happy and healthy...and your lawn is so green. We also bought some Miracle Grow for Lawns today...as nothing else seems to be working. I opted for real old fashioned manuer..but Howard wouldn't go for that. :) He is not at all savy about gardening, flowers or anything much to do with the outdoors...
Thank you SO much for going to the trouble of photographing everything...You are such a good friend..and I haven't even met you ...it's interesting!
I noticed every single little thing...and I loved it all!
Thank you SO much!! I love you for doing that for me!!

Laura said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour!

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, thank you for the tour.
Everything looks beautiful.
So neat and tidy.

coolwaterworks said...

Hi Balisha,
Thank you so much for the tour of your garden... It is so neat, organized and all-together lovely.

I am happy to see Blue all well and healthy...

All these hard work in your garden really pays off with your good health and of course the wonderful view... :D

Barbee' said...

Just had to come back for another look. I wish my place looked as well cared for. Yours shows how much work you and husband do. That expanse of lawn would be a wonderful playing field for children of all ages. I can just see badminton and croquet going on there. Our yard is too sloped for croquet.