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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Grandson Collin had a birthday this weekend. It was a beautiful day and family gathered to celebrate. He is quite the boy. Very interested in nature....rocks, gemstones, gardening, fishing, animals and then frogs. He loves frogs. He gets many gifts with a frog motif....so it stands to reason that his Grandma would try to make his birthday special, by checking out all manner of frog things. First I decided to paint a watercolor of a frog. I found a small picture and enlarged it...painted it and did the frog and banjo in two different pieces...cut the frog's arm and tucked the banjo in. It didn't fit the frame that I had...so I glued the frog on the backing and glued his legs to the matting. It turned out kind of cute and he loved it.
I went to the Frog Store online and ordered this frog afghan. Now you have to know Collin to know about blankets and afghans. He has always loved blankets and this is another addition to his collection. Probably not a soft as a blanket, but it will fit his bed and he loved this. His other Grandma gave him a frog beach towel.

When I got home from the party, a picture was waiting from my daughter. She had just spent a week at her home in Wisconsin. She loves all nature things too.This is a picture of an interesting frog. It looks like it was sitting on a chair....probably by the water. I found a list of how people around the world think that a frog sounds. Thought it was cute...What sound does a frog make in YOUR language? Here is a list of some of the different ways people think frogs sound around the world...

Afrikaans: kwaak-kwaak
Arabic (Algeria): gar gar
Catalan: cru-cru
Chinese (Mandarin): guo guo
Dutch: kwak kwak
English (USA): ribbit
English (GB): croak
Finnish: kvak kvak
French: coa-coa
Filipino:Kokak, kokak
German: quaak, quaak
Hebrew: kwa kwa
Hungarian: bre-ke-ke
Italian: cra cra
Japanese: kerokero
Korean: gae-gool-gae-gool
Russian: kva-kva
Spanish (Spain): cru-cru
Spanish (Argentina): berp
Spanish (Peru): croac, croac
Swedish: kvack
Thai: ob ob (with high tone)
Turkish: vrak vrak
Ukrainian: kwa-kwa
Now this is getting kind of silly....probably more that you wanted to know about frogs. Well, I think that having an Aunt who has a lake house should be pretty cool for a young frog lover....especially when the love of nature is mutual.

Now where do you suppose Collin got this love of frogs?

An addition to my list of frog sounds around the world. My good friend Mark, said that I should add Filipino: Kokak, kokak, to the list....so I did. Thanks, Mark.http://coolwaterworks.wordpress.com/ Have a great time on your week off.


Judy said...

You are such a great grandmother! I love all the frogs. The blanket and picture are just adorable and you sure did make a great looking cake. TW's birthday is Saturday and I have been trying to figure out what to do for him. He is into race cars so I guess the cake will have cars on it!

Balisha said...

Hi Gramma Judy,
I have to admit...I didn't make the cake. It was from a bakery and wasn't so good. It looked cute though. Kids are so easy, when they are TW's age. Anything with cars will thrill him. He is such a cutie....enjoy him...soon he will be 12 too.

Elenka said...

I sure got a kick out of how different nationalities hear frogs!! It really doesn't make any sense. Unless, unbeknownst to us, frogs speak different languages. Maybe they do!
The frog painting you did is wonderful. Very well designed.
Personally, sleeping under a blanket of frogs would probably give me nightmares. But, to each his own.
Happy Birthday to a sweet boyl

coolwaterworks said...

Balisha, happy birthday to youe grandson... :D

Nice artwork you have there...

Perhaps you can add Filipino to your list...

Filipino: Kokak, kokak

Sue said...

OMG, It must be early, I thought I the title of your post was rabbits, then I couldn't figure out why I kept seeing frogs...LOL!! You did the watercolor? Balisha, that was so cool and sweet! ... And to think I used to think frogs only CROAKED....