A Sentiment

God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Morning Has Broken

Up before the birds. Full of energy and have to take advantage of that today. I dressed warmly and stirred up a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast..took  my pills and headed out to the garage to get my tools. Yesterday I decided to do things a little different around here. I worked for a couple of hours and then, instead of cleaning everything up...I just left it for today. So, this morning, I had a job to do. I got the lawn cart and cleaned up my mess and cleared out the bunny garden and headed back to the woods. I dumped the cart and went over to my bench to sit in the cool morning. I could hear traffic just over the hill at the back of the woods. The first bird to appear was the cardinal. I swear they are always the first up and the last to go to sleep at night. He sat on the very tippy top of the tree and looked down at me. He seemed to say, "What are  you doing out so early, Balisha?" Was I disturbing his normal routine? My toes were like icicles...the dewy lawn was cold to walk through, as I just had tennis shoes on. I wondered why I didn't wear my Crocs? I had an old sweatshirt on.... so comfy and worn.It's a little warmer than my usual gardening jacket. I heard the water trickling over the dam at the pond next door. The sun glints on the water just a bit and I can't make out the koi that I know are there just below the surface.. I heard a whole gang of blackbirds high up in the trees. They make a huge noise when they make an appearance. What a rowdy bunch. Sitting down to rest again, I thought about the beauty all around me. We seldom leave this place and when we do...I always look forward to coming back. 
Later this morning, I am going to Gensler Gardens...a garden center that is having a fall festival this weekend. I want to buy a couple more plants for Tim's garden. I think some blue salvias...they should go with the lavender and roses and lilies.I ordered some short allium bulbs just yesterday. I've never had these only the tall ones. I have a place set aside for them.

I'm back in the house and looking out my window, I see the mourning dove couple on the feeder. Darn...I didn't fill the feeder. Oh, well, there's enough for now. We call them Mickey and Maud. A favorite couple around here. Their picture is my screen saver on this computer. I think that they are the same couple who always nest here in the spring. A little nuthatch appears and grabs a seed...no time for a photo.
Tomorrow, my daughter and I will leave for Downer's Grove. My grand daughter is having a combination house warming and birthday party. She and Dave have bought a new house and this is the first time we've seen it.
I am thinking of making a chicken pot pie today. Yesterday, Joe made his fried peppers, and it was so nice to come in after working in the yard, and have dinner ready. 
I guess I  had better get started in the house. I've rested long enough and I have some presents to wrap. Maybe I'll have more later.


Jan said...

Have a wonderful time with your daughter tomorrow. Jx

Sharon said...

Balisha, I wish I had your energy. Enjoy the visit with your daughter and grand-daughter.

Judy said...

Isn't this just the most beautiful weather to work outside? Have a great weekend!

debra @ HOMESPUN said...

That photo is stunning ! I didn't know there were short alium...

Have a wonderful time with your daughter and family! :)

Balisha said...

These pictures were taken last year. We didn't expect such a pretty fall, with the drought and all. It turned into a beautiful fall.
Thanks for all your good wishes for my family this weekend. It should be fun.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your photograph is beautiful. Your writing was so descriptive, I felt like I had been right there with you in the coolness of the morning.

We have had doves build in the exact same branch of the spruce tree for most of the years we have lived here. I wonder how many years they live. I am thinking it must be each new generation comes back to the place they hatched. I love hearing the morning doves calling to each other early in the

Zoey said...

What a peaceful morning. I have seen the short allium, but don't have any. I will be looking forward to seeing yours next year.