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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tornado Warning...Are You Ready?

Our weather radio sounded a test warning just yesterday..a minute later the town sirens went off. Tornado season is coming and we are being told to be prepared. In this time of earthquakes and snowstorms...I'm beginning to listen. We read the lists of things that we should have packed away for an emergency, but if you are like me...there is nothing put away and no plan. We scramble for a flashlight and battery operated radio, candles and head for the basement when the warnings tell us to, but that is about the only thing we do to prepare ourselves. We have a little weather radio that warns us of flood warnings, tornado warnings etc. I really like this little gadget.. I think that I will pack up a little kit to put in the basement...not everything listed below, but hey...it's better than nothing.

Experts advise storage of one gallon of water per person per day. At least 3 days of water for each family member and pet should be stored for emergencies.
Non perishable foods like crackers, canned meat, and ready to eat food should be stored. Don't forget to store a can opener in your kit if your food will require it. Also store pet food.
Communication Needs
Cell Phones, battery powered radios and extra batteries, as well as important family documents should be easily accessible for your kit. Make sure copies of important papers are stored in waterproof containers.
Whistle,First Aid Kit,Dust Masks,Wrench or Pliers to turn off utilities.Basic Tool Kit including flashlights.Bleach can be used to disinfect and clean in emergency situations. Make sure the bleach is chlorine bleach, and not oxygen or color safe bleach. Take special care when storing bleach.
Moist Towlettes,Trash Bags,Medicine,Medicine Droppers
Individual Needs
Diapers,Personal Hygiene Items,Health Needs,Pet Items
Other Items to Consider:
First Aid Manual Rain Gear, Cold Weather Gear, Disposable plates, cup, utensils,Paper Towels,Fire Extinguisher,Tents,Compass,Matches (store in waterproof container)Flare Signals,Paper and Pencil
Changes of Clothing
Bedding or Sleep Bags
Heavy Duty Shoes

Take a few minutes with your family to develop a tornado emergency plan. Sketch a floor plan of where you live, or walk through each room and discuss where and how to seek shelter.
Show a second way to exit from each room or area. If you need special equipment, such as a rope ladder, mark where it is located.
Make sure everyone understands the siren warning system, if there's such a system in your area.
Mark where your first-aid kit and fire extinguishers are located.
Mark where the utility switches or valves are located so they can be turned off--if time permits--in an emergency.
Teach your family how to administer basic first aid, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how and when to turn off water, gas, and electricity in your home.
Learn the emergency dismissal policy for your child's school.
Make sure your children know--
What a tornado is
What tornado watches and warnings are
What county or parish they live in (warnings are issued by county or parish)
How to take shelter, whether at home or at school.
Extra Measures for People with Special Needs
Write down your specific needs, limitations, capabilities, and medications. Keep this list near you always--perhaps in your purse or wallet.
Find someone nearby (a spouse, roommate, friend, neighbor, relative, or co-worker) who will agree to assist you in case of an emergency. Give him or her a copy of your list. You may also want to provide a spare key to your home, or directions to find a key.
Keep aware of weather conditions through whatever means are accessible to you. Some options are closed captioning or scrolled warnings on TV, radio bulletins, or call-in weather information lines.

I guess that we all can do something to get prepared. I really need to list medications and put it in my purse. I've been meaning to do this forever. Rather than listing all this on my blog...here is a really good website to go to to get prepared...http://www.bt.cdc.gov/disasters/tornadoes/prepared.asp


Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Balisha. Are you enjoying this warm sunny weather?

Interesting information.

Anonymous said...

Great advice. We had warning sirens, too. I will never forget the April 3, 1974 tornado outbreak in this area. They made a believer out of me. Train cars were picked up and scattered all over a field near me, lives lost, and so much damage and destruction. I have been afraid of storms since that day.

Barbara said...

How fortunate we are that we do not have to deal with this.

daniel john said...

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