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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Colors to Choose for the Garden

Here is the little garden by the hot driveway in 2009. A jumble of colors. Here's what it looked like a couple of years ago. Experimenting.
Another view from a few years ago.Trying to get it right.
These are the orange lilies that are in so many places in our yard.

This is from a couple of years ago. It was just after my big purple asters stopped blooming.

Here are the lilies...hot, hot, colors. I moved the stellas out by the mailbox.

Many of us are in the process of planning our gardens for this coming year. We learn from year to year what we like and what we will never plant again. Some of us prefer gardens where the colors "go together" while others think that any color flowers will get along just fine. Perennials are most often chosen for their flower color. We tend to see the color first. Color conveys our feelings. Pastels are often used in the spring. I usually try to plant some flowers that will look good all through the seasons. Gold, russet and orange speak to us of autumn, so I add a few of these so that my gardens look fallish. Certain colors recede making a small space appear larger while other colors advance toward you making a large space appear smaller. Color is also classified by temperature. Warm and cool are the most common ways of dividing color. Blues, purples, violet, are cool colors. Red, yellow, and orange are hot colors. White and green are neutral. My little cottage garden is in the front of the house and right next to a hot driveway. I plant a mixture of cool and warm colored flowers. I like to have some flowers that my hubby likes.... Orange marigolds and some bright orange lilies. I didn't remember the color of the lilies, when I ordered rose bushes. Knockouts in pink. I plant white marigolds.... We are both happy. I have noticed that in the evening the warmer colors stand out as do white ones. Cool colors contrast well. We will need to place blue tones against a light, contrasting background. Cool colors are lost in low light or when viewed from a distance. Cool colors work very well in small, courtyard type gardens. Here you have a defined, close quarters space. Cool colors can make it appear larger and since viewing is close-up, they aren't lost in the distance. I happen to like the combination of blue and yellow or blue and orange, but then there are those knockout roses to contend with. I may do a garden in the back in those color combinations. My purple aster is on the corner of this small garden. It starts out small, but by the time it is ready to bloom...wow it is a show stopper. I have received more questions from people passing by as to what it is... and some say it's beautiful. I will try to work around this purple plant and the deep pink knockouts. I guess you could say that I think all colors can work well together...given enough space.


thesouthernlady64 said...

30 more days, I hope I make it!lol. Your flowers are beautiful. I like anything that blooms! Don't worry much about what colors I put together. Anything, purple I love in a flower. Not much on purple clothes though. Have not joined the red hat ladies yet.lol. See, I am losing it! Come on spring!

Noelle said...

A wonderful post, Balisha. When I design a landscape, I keep in mind the color wheel because plants that are opposite each other on the wheel, make great companions in the garden because their colors contrast so well. I do love purples, pinks and blues in the garden.

Margaret Cloud said...

Your flowers are so beautiful, I envy any one that can have a successful flower garden. Have a nice week.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Balisha. Every year I make a list of the orange/yellow bloomer I want to move away from the pinks. Then there are the salmon pinks that clash with the magentas. Last year I moved nothing and they looked well enough together. Maybe a little riotous but cheerful:)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Balshia it so good to see summer blooms. I think I move my plants too much sometimes. I like changes too well maybe for the good of my bloomers. LOL!
Your entry beds are so pretty.
Hey, love the new back ground!

Lynn said...

I have so many seeds to start that I ordered. New things and some old favorites. I just don't want to plow a path to the building in back where all my flats are stored!!!LOL But I guess if this snow is not going away I will have to. It seems like spring is so far away with all this snow, but really it will be here before we know it!!! THE SOONER THE BETTER!!!
I hope your daughter is doing ok in DC!!!

Balisha said...

Thanks to all of you for reading and leaving comments. I really appreciate it...they make my day. I love to garden and write and paint. I can do all of these things in my retirement years. Things slow down, but we just have to make adjustments in our pace. I wish you all a good weekend and thanks again.