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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Balisha's Review of the Movie...Amelia

This seems like a funny post for a Sunday morning. We just came back from Mass and you would think that I could have come up with a better idea, but this movie was on my mind and decided to post it anyway.

We popped the popcorn and settled in for an evening of fun...watching the movie, Amelia, that we had waited for so long. Joe put the DVD in the player while I popped the corn. The movie started. This movie had been hyped for months. Hillary Swank was on all the talk shows. She said that she took flying lessons...in order to capture the feeling that Amelia had in the plane. Her studio wouldn't let her fly solo, however. She cut her hair and colored it, bleached her eyebrows, makeup with freckles made her look eerily like Amelia. I was thinking about Kathryn Hepburn, while watching Hillary do this part. She could have played the part too. Hillary wore pants and jackets,walked with a swagger and had a bit of an accent. Richard Gere played her husband. He was a believable character...always handsome in my mind. His part was minor in the film. The photography in this movie was beautiful. Wonderful sky pictures...storms that were believable. The plane soaring through the clouds and then showing things down on earth were wonderful. At one point Amelia almost fell out of the plane...made me gasp. The background music was very beautiful. The words of Amelia were almost poetic. Some of the lines were actual words of Amelia. She was a strong woman, but very feminine at the same time. I notice things like photography and poetic lines...in movies. Some movies get by with these attributes, but not this one. We were both a little disappointed with the film. The movie went in too many directions without really developing any of them. The story line was skimpy. A beautiful film without much substance. I wanted more...I wanted to know details.

There you have it...I took the movie over to my neighbor and we will see how they liked it. It was worth the $2.80 that I spent to rent it and it provided an evening of fun, so not a bad thing to do on a cold night in Northern Illinois.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Balisha,
I really wanted to see this film, however I am a "detail" person and it would probably make me a bit crazy wondering what happened on this point and wondering what happened on that point.
I NEVER knew Amelia was married. All these years I have thought she was single.
I might rent it just for the scenery you discribe. Sounds beautiful. I loved the scenery in Out Of Africa, which is one of my all time favorite films. I am a Merle Streep fan.
Thank you for the review.
I use Netflex and have for a couple of years. That way it come right to the door. One day here and one day back. It's ..I think..nine dollars a month. You can also watch anything you want on your computer. It's a great service. I have been watching "The Six Wives of Henry VIII." What a history England has.
I do love historical films and biographical films like Amelia's.

Would you believe my perennials are blooming away and even the petunia's that are usually long gone still look good? But California is sneaky..it sometimes gets clear to Spring and suddenly freezes killing everything.
I'll let you know what I think of the film if Netflex has it.
They are usually very up to date with their films.
Stay warm, my friend. :)

Balisha said...

I hope that my "review" doesn't make up anyone else's mind. I was just answering some who asked if I had seen the movie.It was very entertaining and we did enjoy it.

garden girl said...

It sounds like a movie I'd enjoy Balisha. Although the lack of substance and fully-developed ideas might be a bit frustrating, it sounds like an otherwise beautiful movie. Some movies are worth watching just for the scenery, and Amelia sounds like it's got somewhat more going for it than just that.

If I want to know more about her, I can always read more. Biographical movies often move me to learn more about their subjects.

Balisha said...

My neighbors just called and they both liked it.

thesouthernlady64 said...

Hi Balisha, Thanks for much for the review. I am looking forward to watching it but won't be upset now that I got your review if I don't like it. I really like Hilary Swank and Richard Gere. He really is a handsome man. My girls completely wore the movie Pretty Woman out watching it over and over to see him and Julia Roberts.
Out of Africa is one of my favorite movies, too. I think I have seen that one several times.