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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Warmer Winter With Less Snow?????

We woke up to 9 below zero this morning. I looked out the window at my winter garden features...they are either covered with snow or beaten down looking like a pile of weeds that I forgot last fall. We darted from house to car and then from car to house yesterday. You never saw people our age move so fast. No time to say hello..goodbye, just get in the car and get home. But wait a minute...someone is enjoying these frigid temperatures. Who is that in that picture?Let me look closer...hmmmm, I think it's my grandson Collin. He looks very cozy all wrapped up in layers.
Look here, it's Tyler pulling that scarf up around his face. They are both wearing the mittens that we got them for Christmas.

Now there's three of them. My daughter LuAnn is on the far right....with her face uncovered. Now I know what to get her for Christmas next year...a face mask! They are striking up a pose for me. Doesn't she look like she is just about their age?

Here they are again having so much fun. I think that they skied for 10 hours. LuAnn owns a house on a lake in Wisconsin. When she is here for weekends and holidays, the boys go up and visit her for some fun. They enjoy all outdoor sports and she treats them to a good time. They are lucky to have an aunt who enjoys their company.

She's on her way back home to DC again this morning. She'll email me on the way again, so I know that she's safe. Here's a poem that I've liked since childhood. I had a book, and still do, of Robert Louis Stevenson's poems for kids...Here it is.

Winter-Time by Robert Louis Stevenson
Late lies the wintry sun a-bed, A frosty, fiery sleepy-head;
Blinks but an hour or two; and then, A blood-red orange, sets again.
Before the stars have left the skies, At morning in the dark I rise;
And shivering in my nakedness, By the cold candle, bathe and dress.
Close by the jolly fire I sit To warm my frozen bones a bit;
Or with a reindeer-sled, explore The colder countries round the door.
When to go out, my nurse doth wrap Me in my comforter and cap;
The cold wind burns my face, and blows Its frosty pepper up my nose.
Black are my steps on silver sod; Thick blows my frosty breath abroad;
And tree and house, and hill and lake, Are frosted like a wedding cake.
Enjoy the winter weather...It's only 76 days till Spring..


Barbee' said...

Ha ha, only! Well, today is a beautiful one here in Kentucky. We are into single digits, but at least still above zero. Stay warm Balisha and Joe. Loved the photos of fun!

Lynn said...

Well 9 below, that is well past my comfort zone!!! I truely hate winter and being cold...It was 10 degrees here this morning.We were suppose to get about 8 inches of show but that hasn't happened although I was really hoping for a snow day tomorrow!!! LOL Those are great pictures of the kids and your daughter.It looks like they are having all kinds of fun!!! Stay in with a good cup of tea and watch a movie all snuggled up and warm today!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Balisha, I have been catching up on all your posts. Those kids seem to be having a ball in the snow. It was 6 degrees here this morning with a windchill of 3 below. I am so ready for spring and we still have 76 days??? That little books sounds good. I may have to look for it. I loved the post about you and Joe meeting. I'm sure it was meant to be. I think things happen for a reason.

Margie's Musings said...

It must be great to enjoy cold winter weather. I've forgotten what that's like.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy people in an icy could country :-)
Happy New Year.

Sue said...

OMG I laughed when I saw your countdown to spring! I can take the cold when it is sunny and bright outside- it makes it seem warmer. It is the gray and gloomy days that make me want to stay in with a good read and a hot beverage to keep me company. Oh well- I can dream, can't I? Hope the new year brings you all good things, my friend!
hugs, Sue

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, just checking in. 7 above this morning in my area. Not as cold as yours - but I sure do not like it. Need to run errands and do not want to pull the car out. Forgive the complaining - I am not a winter person. Stay warm - the photos reminded me of when I grew up in Michigan.

Balisha said...

Well my friends...it is 0 degrees out. I always say that when it gets to zero... it doesn't matter how much lower it gets.I'm taking advantage of these cold days and trying to get some Christmas things put away. I'm not a snow bunny!