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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Avocado Experiment

This is mine...Do you think in a month's time it wiil be ready to decorate for Christmas? Maybe I should feed it some of that Miracle Gro that is sitting behind it. Let's face it...it is not what I had in mind.

Here is the one started in a bag. Are they all so tall and spindly?

I started an avocado seed. It sent a root down into the glass of water and then I put it in some soil. Actually, I put three seeds in the same pot. Two of them are duds. Now I have a seed growing ...very tall with teensy, tiny leaves on the top.Should I prune it or not...that is the question.I think that I will chop it in half. Here is a method for planting avocado seeds that I never thought of.

Prepare Avocado Seeds
Step 1
Select four avocado seeds that are whole and unblemished. You will probably be using them after harvesting the avocado meat, so be careful when extracting the seeds not to slice or puncture them accidentally.
Step 2
Clean seeds carefully in warm water

Step 3
Allow washed seeds to dry.
Step 4
Place clean seeds in a sunny windowsill to cure for a couple of days.
Step 5
Inspect seeds after curing and discard any that have black spots or deep creases.
Prepare your Avocado Bag
Step 1
Select a bag that is large enough to contain the seeds with at least five inches of area above the seeds for air circulation.
Step 2
Take a length of paper towel for each seed and saturate it with warm water.
Step 3
Wrap each seed in a paper towel, covering it completely.
Step 4
Place wrapped seeds in the bottom of the plastic bag, spaced evenly.
Step 5
Avoid adding air to the plastic bag. It should not look like a balloon.
Step 6
Seal the plastic bag.
Step 7
Place the plastic bag in a sunny location that doesn't receive direct sunlight. In spring or summer, to keep the bag upright and out of the way you can tape it to a windowpane.
Check your Avocado Seeds as They Develop
Step 1
Monitor the paper towels surrounding the avocado seeds to be sure that they stay moist at all times.
Step 2
Add water to the paper towels as they become dry, but avoid adding so much that water starts to pool in the bottom of the bag.
Step 3
Check the air in the bag to be sure that it smells fresh and not moldy. If you detect a stale smell, replace the paper towels, rinse the seeds and place the seeds in a new bag.
Step 4
Checking the bag once a week should be enough. After four to six weeks you will be able to see roots emerging from the paper towels.
Step 5
Allow the roots to grow in the humid environment of the bag for two to three weeks. During that time keep the paper towels in the bag and follow the same watering routine.
Planting Avocado Seeds
Step 1
Pot your avocado seeds once the roots have emerged and had a couple of weeks to grow. Select a 6-inch pot for four seeds.
Step 2
Fill the pot to within an inch of the rim with potting soil and bury the seeds, root facing downward.
Step 3
Space seeds evenly around the pot.
Step 4
Water the seeds and put them firmly in place.
Step 5
Place the pot in a warm bright location near a window that faces south or west.

You can grow avocado seeds one at a time, but four makes a nice grouping for a pot. For a nice presentation, select a 6-inch pot and plant seeds with one in the center of the pot, and the other three spaced around the outside of the first seed at least an inch from the side of the pot.
When your avocado plants are very young, be sure to give them enough light so they don't get spindly.

I guess mine isn't getting enough light. Maybe I can blame it on Mother Nature.. Tee Hee!

Balisha :)


cwa said...

Please continue to keep us updated on the avocado progress. I am interested in seeing how this experiment turns out. Blessings to you.

Judy said...

Hi Boolisha! It is sort of spindly isn't it? I am really amazed though. I can never get anything like that to grow for me. You really do have a green thumb or maybe half a green thumb. lol. Have a good weekend.

Amber Star said...

Don't cut it in half...if I read that right. You have done better than I ever have trying to grow and avacado tree. It is small and will take time to flourish. Give it a while longer. My breakfast area is bright with sun, but I can use the blinds to control how much gets in. Just a thought.

Elenka said...

I don't know, Balisha, and maybe it's just me, but showing the photo of your 'stick' that came out of that seed isn't exactly incentive to go and plant a seed! No offense, I'm just saying.... ;-)
Every time I use an avocado, I always feel like I should be doing something with that wonderful seed! That sure is a unique seed. It's like finding a bowling ball in a peach!
How are you feeling???

S said...

hi balisha! looks like you and i are in the same boat! good luck with your growing. perhaps we can compare notes along the way!

i plan to post my progress:


Barbee' said...

It's all Mother Nature's fault!!!