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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Making Flavored Vinegars With Herbs

Years ago I had a business of crafting for people. Every year I would have a sale the first weekend in October. We would take everything out of my living area and decorate with my work and some other people's projects. We would do different things, so that there would be a variety. I was the painter in the group. I worked all year, so that there would be many things to sell. I also did the baking and made different things for the kitchen. One thing I did was to make flavored vinegars in pretty bottles. Here are the directions to make these pretty and useful bottles of vinegar:

Clean a nice looking bottle with soap and water. Let drain until dry.
Go to the hardware store and buy some new corks that fit the bottle.
Snip several long pieces of oregano from your herb garden, wash, and let dry.
Select one or two very good looking fresh hot peppers, wash, and let dry.
Fill the very clean bottle with half apple cider vinegar, half white vinegar.
Using a chopstick, arrange the peppers and oregano sprigs in the bottle.
Top off with the clean, new cork, place in a dark cupboard, and let steep.
Use as you wish for sauces, a zing to soups and salads, or even for a little pop to baked goods. I painted the labels and tied them with raffia. People would buy them for decoration as well as for cooking. Here are a few tips for making flavored vinegars.

Flavored vinegars add an extra kick to marinades, sauces, and dressings. If you are looking for an elegant and thoughtful gift to make for Christmas, try these savory blends that are sure to enhance any meal. If you grow your own herbs, this is a great way to use up any excess before the growing season is over. We hope you enjoy these unique blends.
Vinegar Base
1 small bunch of parsley 1 teaspoon of peppercorns 1/8 teaspoon of salt 1 clove of garlic, peeled 1 quart of your choice of vinegar: cider, white distilled, rice wine, white wine, or red wine
Place the parsley, garlic, salt and pepper in a 2 quart ceramic or glass bowl. Bring the vinegar to a boil.
Pour the vinegar over the herbal mixture in the bowl.
Cover and let the mixture stand for two days. Strain the mixture and decant into a sterilized bottle. Add one to three sprigs of the herbs of your choice. Seal the bottle with a cork or lid. Let stand for two more weeks before using.
Flavor combinations
Tarragon and lemon in white wine vinegar

Chives, basil, and parsley in white wine vinegar

Oregano, rosemary and thyme in red wine vinegar

Lemon and dill in cider vinegar Garlic,

chives blossoms and chervil in red wine vinegar

Cilantro, jalapeƱo pepper and lime in white distilled vinegar (this one is hot)

Lavender blossoms in cider vinegar

Ginger root and cilantro in rice wine vinegar

I am going to make some of these this year. I have had success with my herbs, so I will give it a try.



Tolentreasures said...

Great idea! I am sending my daughter to your blog, she is wanting to make things for my open house in November. It is our first, any tips that you have would be greatly appreciated!


Sue said...

I always see these pictured in magazines, and now I know I can do them myself. Thank you so very much for showing us how. Now I need to hit the sales for some pretty bottles. Sheesh, I can't stay away from shopping, whether retail or thrift...
hugs, Sue

Lynn said...

In my spare time I will try that one, it has been so busy lately but I really like that and I have plenty of herbs and garlic...Thanks!!

Amber Star said...

Those recipes look very tasty. I might make some of them...and may make some for gifts. We, the kids and us, have decided to cut back on Christmas over spending. It is silly since we all have what we need. Our grandson is the exception. Thanks for posting these.

Balisha said...

Hi all,
These make inexpensive gifts for people. Juat make a label telling what the vinegar is flavored with and punch a hole in the corner...tie with raffia and voila, you have a pretty gift for someone.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH my...is there anything you cannot do, my friend? :) How wonderful!
I have come to say goodby for a short time...wish me luck and say a little prayer for me. Take good care of yourself..and I will see you soon.
Many hugs and lots of love...
(I am so anxious to get well and into the Holiday season! I know you are the same!)
'til then...

Barbee' said...

I enjoyed reading your herb combinations.