A Sentiment

God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mum Plant and a Poem About the Woods

Good morning...
Here I am at my computer again. Laddie is making progress and we are on edge. It's hard when it's your pet, whom you love so much. They trust that you will do the right thing. We are hanging on the Vet's phone calls. The blood count is going up and tests are being done.
I had a good night and am getting stronger every day. We sit on the front porch a lot of the time watching the cars and walkers go by. People with toddlers and dog walkers go past the house. I thought that I would sit in my chair and pull a few weeds, but thought again to my Drs. words....don't overdo! So here I am. This computer is a lifesaver....I can sit and write my thoughts and not overdo.
Yesterday, I received a mum plant. I thought it was rust colored...It is burgundy. We took it out on the porch and checked it out in the sun. It's beautiful. So big and full of buds. We put it next to the aster plant on the corner of my garden. It's sitting on the decorative chair next to the plant. That color is so nice next to my knockout roses, which are blooming right now. Purples and roses are so nice together.
The trees are changing color right now. A little early to us. It looks like fall here....black eyed susans, phlox, and honey suckle are looking at me from the distant woods. I haven't ventured back there yet although it would be a calming thing for me to sit at the edge of the woods. I love it back there...can't wait to plant my wildflower seeds and look forward to spring, when they are in bloom. I can wait a month for that...by then I will be able to scatter them and step on them to make contact with the ground, They are native plant seeds...a new variety for me. I hope that they do well back there. The woods has been in bloom for months now...different flowers blooming one right after another. It has been in constant bloom. Here is a poem about the woods.


The Woods

The woods were calling me one day..
The breeze was whispering to say.
Come back Balisha sit a while..
We want to see your happy smile.
I told the woods with such dismay..
We'd have to wait another day.
Till I am stronger and more fit..
To make the walk and then to sit.
The flowers nodded to me then..
The breeze took hold and whispered when.
I looked from far away and spied..
A teardrop welled up in my eye.
I love the woods.. oh I admit..
The bench is waiting for me to sit.


cwa said...

That mum is absolutely gorgeous. I understand your longing to visit the woods. I feel it too. Though I love the prairie, I miss the beautiful forests of the Ozark Mountains where I grew up. I used to love climbing the trees and listening to the woods whisper. The woods there are especially gorgeous this time of year. I just try to remind myself that there is beauty everywhere if I will only look for it, and I embrace the wildness of the prairie. I wish continued health and blessings to all of you, (Laddie included).

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Balisha...I am catching up! Howard just left for Maine very early before daylight this morning. We were up at four...

How is Laddie doing? I just read of his collapse and I read he is a bit better. What happened? Do they know?

You will be back in those woods in no time. Getting our strength when you are older is not an easy thing it seems. I knew I could not make it through the airport..so here I am. I hope the two weeks passes fast!

It is good to know you are back to writing...and I so enjoy your poems. So darned sweet!

How good it is to know you are improving daily!!! :)

Lynn said...

Another beautiful poem. I don't think I could every write a poem. but give me a paint brush or a peice of fabric I could go to town!!! LOL We all have our way of making things beautiful and you do it well with words... Thank You!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

P.S. Oh dear! I am so sorry..I think I am losing it...a wee?? :)
First...I wanted to comment on your lovely poem...it tells so much about you and where your heart and soul are. I loved it.

And you are right to obey your doctors advice and not overdo. I tend to do that..I feel better and do something and suddenly I'm in trouble. I did that after having bladder surgery..and now I may have to go through it all again. I lifted and pushed within a month after I was out of the hospital..and felt something let go inside. I learned from that experience.
I know you will take care though. You are a good deal smarter than I am! :)

The mini Mum's. The color of those Mum's look almost lavendar in the picture. What an amazing color. I don't believe I have seen any that color here..but certainly will look when I go to the nursury today. I am off to buy some Mum's for the front porch.

I invested in a new basket full of fall flowers etc. this week. I ordered it from a woman on ebay...and it really is lovely. I am always a bit anxious until I get something I haven't seen in person. I will let you know when it arrives if it is all I hope it to be.
I wish I lived close by so I could bring you over something. Just some little something. I make great Enchalada's. :) But you might not like Mexican food. Being from California..it's my first thought. :)
I wouldn't stay...or keep you from resting. :)

I'll see you tomorrow, Balisha. I'm sorry I took up so much of your comment space. I should have sent an email I suppose.. but like I said...:) You're smarter than I am.
Hugs and lots of healing love sent your way!