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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Natural Weather Forecasters

Yesterday the weather radio said that we would get some snow and freezing rain later in the day. We planned to go to Mass on Saturday...to avoid worse weather on Sunday. Before going to Mass, I looked out toward the woods and saw so many robins gathered in our yard. They were hopping around and picking at the ground for bugs. It was kind of a feeding frenzy..even Laddie didn't scare them. Of course those crazy blackbirds were on the feeders looking up at the sky, as if they were looking for snow. A little junco was under Blue....scratching and looking for things to eat. Ma and Pa Cardinal came too...to get their share. He ate first and then she had her fill. The tubular finch feeder was full of birds all day. Now maybe I was looking for signs of weather in the birds...maybe they would have acted this way even if the predictions had been for a sunny day, but they seemed to be in a different place yesterday. I like to think that they were hoarding food, so today they could "sleep in and just chill out"...not have to search for food so much. I'm looking out the window right next to me and there are four robins just walking down the tire tracks on our unplowed road.. in front. Maybe they didn't get in on the feeding frenzy yesterday and now have to suffer till it melts.


Here is some information from the internet about weather predictions.

Signs of Bad Weather
The next time you're out in the yard at the crack of dawn, look at the grass. If it is heavy with dew then chances of a coming storm are slim but if the grass is dry then there is a good chance the day may hold rain.

Most weather fronts move from west to east so if the wind is blowing out of the west towards the east this indicates a retreating weather front but if the winds are blowing from the east, rain may be on its way. Deciduous trees turn their leaves upside down during unusual winds. This can be another indication bad weather is on its way.

Weather Rhymes
Remember the saying “Red sky at night sailors delight; Red sky at morning sailor take warning”. Dry particles in the air cause this slight redness in the sky. If this redness is in the west in the evening then dry weather is headed your way but if that same red sky is in the east in the morning then this can be a sign of wet weather to come.
Another little diddy, “Rainbow in the morning; Take this as a warning” means a rainbow in the west indicates moisture in the air. Remember most storms move from west to east.
Circle around the Moon; Rain or snow soon. Another weather rhyme. This circle is created by moisture in the air.
Clouds Can be a Great Indicator of the Weather
Clouds moving in erratic directions can indicate bad weather
Wispy high clouds commonly known as Mares Tails are thought to indicate rain within 36 hours. The same holds true for Mackerel Scales, patchy small cloud patterns that resemble fish scales.
Clouds building throughout the day can be an indicator of rain while cloud towers can mean afternoon rain
Humidity is a Sure Sign of Wet Weather
Humidity in the air can mean bad weather. The leaves of Oak trees and Maple trees curl in humid weather just as our hair frizzes.
Flowers smell best just before a rain
Swamps release methane just before a rain and usually smell their worst
Pine cones close during humid weather and remain open while the weather is dry
Animals Can Sense Bad Weather
Cows often lie down before a storm
Birds, flying high in the sky indicate the weather will remain fair but if they fly low or many birds roost on wires or in trees this can mean a storm is on its way
Seagulls take refuge before a storm
Birds are quiet just before a storm
If birds eat during a rain storm an old wives tale says the rain will last a long time
Ants build the walls of their hills higher just before bad weather
Turtles will seek higher ground before a down pour
Cats will clean behind their ears before a rain.

The next time you are outside looking at the sky wondering about the weather try one or all of these methods to see what the weather holds. It may turn out these methods and indicators are more reliable than we think.


Elenka said...

Gads, I'm going to have to print that off in order to remember them all next time I make any observations!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I ALWAYS learn so much from you, Balisha. I always come aways mumbling to myself.."Wow, I didn't KNOW that!)
Thanks for all you give to us!

Nortehanon said...

Hi Balisha,
Very interesting facts! I especially like the ones on how actions of animals can help us anticipate the kind of weather that's coming. I love being in the countryside. I guess from now on I'll be very observant of how the animals around me behave ;)

Have a blessed week.

Margie's Musings said...

Very interesting, Balisha! I'll have to pay closer attention.