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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Billy Joel's... Movin' Out

Well, I have never given a critique about a musical before...so here goes for the first time. The musical takes place on Long Island in the 60's.It follows the lives of kids from prom king and queen to after the Viet Nam war. The stage was very different, in that the band is up above the stage in the rear. The music went on through the whole performance. It never stopped. The dancers (a modern ballet troupe) acted out the songs down below. It wasn't your typical ballet...very cleverly done. The set had everything from one scene bringing a convertible out on stage to a mountain in Viet Nam. The war was described by using strobe lights. The high school friends reunite in the end....they had found their way home.

I can't say enough about the band....I could hardly take my eyes off the band, even with all the dancing and acting going on below. The "piano man" was phenomenal...Billy's music took us through the 60's..."It's Still Rock and Roll to Me, For the Longest Time, We Didn't Start the Fire,Innocent Man, Goodnight Saigon, Keeping the Faith, Only the Good Die Young,I've Loved These Days" and on and on. Thirty two songs in all.

The crowd was wild during some of these songs...I forgot..."Uptpwn girl" How could I forget that one? Standing ovations and whoops and whistles from the crowd. We left the theater in such a happy mood.

Well, the music continues...this morning just before I got up, my hubbie was rifling through a box of his treasures. He went into the living room and surprised me by playing "Billy Joel's All Time Favorites." It is still playing. We love music...both of us and it plays a lot of the time here. Music really feeds the soul.

Our next show is going to be River Dance. We've seen it before, but this is a different production and we both love this show. Tickets, for a couple of extended shows, go on sale for Mama Mia at 11 this morning...hmmmmm.



Elenka said...

wow, you have some great shows to see!! I have to research the Billy Joel thing as that is something I would LOVE to see!! So glad you enjoyed it. It must have been so uplifting, not so much because of it's content (ie. Vietnam), but his music....I just adore it.

Balisha said...

Hi elenka,
This theater has the best selection of shows. I did go online and order Mama Mia tickets.They added two performances, so I got two front row seats. We go about 4 times a year. We don't do much traveling etc. so this is something we give ourselves, because we both enjoy it.

Lynn said...

I am so jelious I would love to be able to go see shows like that. We love music too.I have Billy Joel playing on my blog. It takes about 2-2 1/2 hrs to get anywhere to see a good show!!!
Have a good weekend
It is a March Madness weekend I love it WVU on in just a few minutes!!! Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

Balisha said...

Hi Lynn,
Sometimes it's fun to go and see what talent the local schools have. Some of their performances are pretty professional. Hope your Mountaineers win.

perennialgardener said...

Sounds like you & hubby really enjoyed yourselves. I love musicals too. Billy Joel is a wonderful musician and I've enjoyed his music for years. Did you order those tickets for Mama Mia? ;)

Balisha said...

I did order tickets for Mama Mia. Since they added two shows....I was able to get two front row seats. It isn't until July...but we have something to look forward to. My cousin saw this, quite a while back, and she emailed me, and said..."If you ever get a chance to see this....don't miss it."

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I have been a fan of Billy Joel for a long, long time. I drifted away from his music somehow...perhaps because my mates were not into it, I don't really know..and this was such a great reminder of his music. Viet Nam in a musical...who would have ever believed it!! Thanks for taking us to the threatre, Balisha.
I need to get back into live theatre. You are right. Sometimes local colleges etc. have wonderful productions. I have been to a few in the past.
Your ideas for enjoying outdoor activities with children is wonderful. I hope young parents see this. GREAT ideas!
Have a wonderful weekend, Balisha..

Lynn said...

We love theater, I like going to our local University and WVU to see a few shows. My daughters and I were in a play for 9 straight summers. From 1990 -1997. It was an outdoor theather. We had so much fun.
Mountaineers lost so now we have to cheer on Louisville, that is where my oldes graduated from...