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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cataract Surgery

This morning was our day to go to have my hubby's eye surgery. (the 2nd in a month) We left the house, in the dark, and drove about an hour to the surgical center. I think that I will tell what happened, because I know that elderly people read this blog and they might be interested.

We were welcomed into the reception area and the nurse asked many questions and told us what to expect. Medications were discussed and we were then taken to the surgical area. We both were dressed in gowns and caps to cover our hair. We laughed at each other and joked with the nurse. Then hubby had to wash his face and hands with an antibacterial soap. We were directed into the surgical waiting room. He was seated in a recliner and I sat next to him. We were there only minutes and they took him to an examination room, where they would start prepping him for surgery. Blood pressure, temperature, any allergies, all typical questions for pre-surgery. I sat in my chair knitting a scarf. I could hear what was being said and could see him through a window. The anesthetist and the surgeon both came and talked to him. He was sedated slightly and his eye was numbed. They rolled him back to sit next to me until it was his turn. The surgery nurse came and got him and asked if I was going to watch the procedure. I said yes...they said that I was the only spouse out of 12 patients who would observe. I was escorted down a long, cold corridor to the surgery observation room. One of the center's workers, Gwen, accompanied me. We went into a room with a big glass window. Kind of like you see on TV...Grey's Anatomy....where the interns sit and watch surgeries. There I was all gowned to watch my hubby's surgery. There were 2 nurses, the anesthesiologist, the doctor, and a technician. They made him comfortable on the table and started prepping him. A monitor was near him, so I could see, close up, what they were doing.His face was draped with a sheet with a hole in it. The hole was placed over his left eye. They had created a bridge over his mouth so he could breath easily.The eye was "propped" open. They squirted an iodine mixture in his eye and swabbed the area around the eye, so there would be no bacteria there. After this was done, the doctor started the procedure. Gwen told me what was happening throughout the surgery. She was well versed, as she does this over a dozen times a day. She said he had a nasty cataract. The membrane over the cataract is almost as tough as an eggshell. Using the smallest of instruments the surgeon cut through the membrane and took it out with a little "vacuum cleaner." When this was cleaned out...he started on the cataract...taking pieces at a time through two different sized vacuum cleaners. He cut another incision in the bottom of the eye to take more membrane out. Every time he removed tissue the nurse would irrigate his eye with water to keep it watery and clear. When it was clean...he took the implant and put it through the incision on the bottom. It was folded and curled. Gwen explained that it would open it's "wings' and lie flat, when it reached the same temperature as his body. Slowly but surely it relaxed and laid flat. It looked perfect and clear. The incisions were taken care of and the doctor turned to me and gave me a thumbs up. He told my hubby that it went very well. Gwen took me to the waiting area and they brought him out. He looked just fine...like nothing had happened. He sat there and waited for them to take his vitals again. He had been promised cookies and juice...and he held them to their promise. Everything was fine and we could go home...to return tomorrow to be checked and then again next week for the same. We were sent home with instructions for his care and two different drops to put in his eye. It was a very interesting morning for me. I am so glad that I watched...even though we had them tape the procedure so hubby could watch it at home. I will play the part of Gwen,explaining things as we go along. We arrived at the surgical center at 8AM and after an hour drive...were home by noon. A very interesting morning and now the healing begins.



coolwaterworks said...

Hi Balisha,
Happy New Year!
A very interesting morning indeed. I liked the way you had described the procedure: relaxed and reassuring....

My well wishes for your hubby. With your loving care, he is assured of healing. God bless you always!

Balisha said...

Hi Mark,
Just home from the Dr.He is doing well and can see out of the eye that was operated on, better than the other one.Thanks for comment. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Glad your hubby's surgery went well.