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God knew what He was doing when He sent a gentle breeze and brought a lovely butterfly to set my heart at ease. The happiness of your friendship and the gentleness of your words have touched my life in special ways and now I feel assured. Thank you for your loyalty and for reading everyday. I only hope you find things to make a happy day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This post is going to be a real stretch. Yesterday, we saved the birds on our front porch from falling out of their nest . The nest was in danger and we as "Godparents" took care of the situation and now we will have five new birds in our garden this summer. We allowed the birds to build on our porch and we will look out for them till they are on their own.

Having said that....here we go. At Mass last night, we had a baptism. The parents were first parents...all fresh and sweet with their tiny treasure in their arms. His name is Colten. Our Priest and Colten's family were at the back of the Church and Father introduced the couple and their baby to the congregation. They all came down the aisle while we sang the processional hymn. They had reserved seating in the front of the Church. The Dad came in with the baby carrier, blankets, diaper bag, pacifier in hand, looking kind of like a pack mule. He walked behind the Mother who was beaming...holding this bundle. The Godparents were following the couple and their family came last. It was time for the ceremony and they stood proudly by the font while our Priest did the ceremony. At the end a candle was lit...this is to be lit at each of Colten's birthdays to remind him of his baptism. Colten was held up for all to see. Father said, "Good boy." Not a sound from this precious baby. After they all sat down our Priest turned to the God parents and said, "I always tell this story at baptisms ..When I was a boy, I called my Bishop and told him that I wanted to change my Godparents. They haven't been there for me...I don't even know who they are." The Bishop told him that it was impossible to do. His Godparents were the ones that he would always have...good or bad. Father turned to the Godparents and, chuckling while saying this, "Godparents do your job....be there for this boy, so he doesn't have to call the Bishop and ask for new Godparents." The jobs of Godparents are pretty much this:

1. Pray for your godchild regularly

2. Set an example of Christian living

3. Help him/her to grow in the faith of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

4. Give every encouragement to follow Christ.

They should be present for important days in Colten's life...birthdays, holidays, graduations..etc.

I like the fact that Godparents in our Church are really an important part of a child's life. It's good for children to have many people in their lives to count on. Remember...It takes a village?

Back to the birdies on the porch...they are OK this morning after a very stormy night. We got a lot of rain and Laddie spent part of the night cowering in the closet digging a safe place in the carpet to lie down. Even with his hearing loss....he senses storms and is terrified. It's morning now and he feels safe...the rain is still coming down and we are supposed to have a rainy Sunday. I heard a song last night on the Barbra Streisand special...This is going to make this post very long....but I wanted to remember the song for myself...so I'm putting part of it it here.

Careful the things you say/ Children will listen

Careful the things you say.. Children will listen

Careful the things you do.. Children will see and learn

Children may not obey.. But children will listen

Children will look to you.. For which way to turn

To learn how to be Careful before you say... Listen to me... Children will listen

Careful the things you say.. Careful the tale you tell.. Children will listen.

I hope you all have a great Sunday. It's my youngest son's 41st birthday today. I did my best to be careful of the things I said... and I know he listened. He's a genuinely kind person and a super Dad. Happy Birthday, John.
Love, Mom
An addition: We saw the first hummingbird at our feeder at dinner time today! The earliest sighting here for me.


Barbee' said...

Balisha, this is a delightful post! Also, it brought back memories of the days when I as a child hung around in my grandmother's kitchen with the women. I didn't have anyone to play with. I enjoyed listening to the women's conversations and occasionally heard one say "Little pitchers are big catchers." It was years later when I finally learned this was her way of reminding others that I (and my big ears) was there listening, and to be careful what was said. I fear I cramped their style during their visits which were seldom and far between.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck to you as the birds. godparents :-)

Balisha said...

Hi Barbee,
I always loved to just listen to the adults...we didn't have all the toys and things to keep us busy at that time, so we listened. I remember hearing the same thing from Mom and Grandma.My hubby says he used to listen to the Italian ladies...then he learned to speak Italian and he knew what they were saying.

Balisha said...

Hi Britt,
Thanks for reading today. I think we bloggers all love God's little creatures.

coolwaterworks said...

Hi Balisha,
I was smiling when I read about the boy who called the bishop to change his godparents... If it could be done, I might have been one of those lining up... :) I have only met my two godparents on a single occasion for each of them... :)

Happy birthday to your son John and congrats on the hummingbird you have seen... :)

Btw, sorry for not visiting often for the past days.. I have been very busy with work...

Balisha said...

Hi Mark,
That's a true story about the boy and the bishop. The boy was our Priest, who grew up in Nigeria.He is such a happy soul and you can tell he loves to baptist those babies.
Nice to hear from you again. Don't work too hard.

coolwaterworks said...

Hello Balisha...

I am busy with work because our compny has been going through some lay-offs and the remaining work were transfered to those that remained...

By the way, I can't see your post on Emily, along with your other new post... I can see them on Google Reader though... Well, it.s nice to associate a face with your name... God bless... :)